cold weather and foggy glasses

5 Tricks to Keeping Your Eyewear from Fogging in Edmonton Weather

If you wear glasses, you know the issues. From kissing to Halloween costumes, glasses can sometimes get in the way. One of the biggest problems with wearing glasses comes when you go outdoors in cold weather. But as winter approaches, you can arm yourself with some knowledge of how to keep your glasses from fogging up when they’re hit with the cold outdoors.

Fogging up of the lenses of your glasses is caused by your body heat and the warm indoor air clashing with cold air when you go outside. When you go outside in the cold, your warm breath hits the cold air and causes what’s called change phase of matter. In simple terms, the fog that forms on your glasses is water condensation. Whatever you call it; it’s annoying and immediately blocks your vision, causing at least a nuisance and at worst actual danger. Nature insists that fogging of your glasses has to happen, but you can inhibit it thanks to human intervention. There are several substances, including some you may have in your house right now, which can be applied to the lenses of your glasses to cut down on the fog.

Anti-Fog Eyewear Wipes

The simplest way to prevent fogging for many people is to purchase anti-fog spray or wipes specifically made for the purpose. They not only cut down on fogging, but they also keep your glasses clean. If you like to carry cleaning wipes for your glasses anyway, choosing anti-fog wipes can solve two problems at once.

Adjust Your Glasses

The closer your glasses sit to your face, the more of a fogging problem you will have. That’s because air needs to circulate between your glasses and your face to cut down on the condensation that causes the fog. When you are buying glasses, choose frames that you’re comfortable with sitting a bit farther from your face than you might normally think is correct. You want them to be tight enough not to fall off, but allowing just a bit of space can do wonders for keeping fog at a minimum.

If you aren’t going to be buying new glasses anytime soon, see if you can comfortably position your glasses away from your face a bit, especially when you are heading outside in the cold.

We can definitely help you find the perfect fit.

Get Special Lenses

One way to avoid the problem of glasses fogging altogether is to consider getting contact lenses. Most contact lenses today are disposable and available for all types of vision problems, including presbyopia that requires bifocal or multifocal lenses. If contact lenses won’t work for you or if you just really prefer glasses, you could have your glasses treated with anti-fog coating. This is done during the manufacturing process and usually available as an option when ordering your glasses. You might also want to consider purchasing special anti-fog goggles for sports or other activities where keeping your vision clear is essential. Ask us about our many different lens options.

You could try treating your glasses with water repellent or rain repellent spray that’s made for car windshields. While it may not reduce fogging, it will force water to bead up and roll off your lenses instead of smearing and streaking. Many cyclists swear by it for riding in the rain.

Rubbing Soap or Shaving Cream on Your Glasses

Some people recommend rubbing soap or shaving cream to your glasses, we would highly suggest not doing this. Using soap or shaving cream on your lenses increases the chance of your glasses getting scratched, which nobody wants!

Fogged Glasses Not Only in Cold Weather

In addition to cold weather, fogging of your glasses can also be a problem in hot weather and humid conditions, when you have a cold (from breathing through your mouth) or when you are participating in activity that makes your perspire. Certain conditions or circumstances make lens fogging more likely, but as people who wear glasses know, it seems that it can happen just about any time.

We know what a nuisance fogged glasses can be. Contact us and we’ll help you find the right solution for you.