10 Eyewear Themed Gift Ideas for Christmas

It happens every year. You count down the days until the tree goes up, the music is played, and the cookies are baked for Santa and his jolly team of reindeer. But before you can gleefully unwrap the gifts from your friends and loved ones, you have to set out to find the perfect gifts for them. But what should you buy for your Dad or your sweet little niece or that coworker who is always helping you on those big projects? Well, if they wear glasses, maybe we can help you check a few items off your shopping list.

From pragmatic to high tech to fun and just plain cool, here are ten gift ideas for the eyeglass wearers in your life.

1. “ReadeREST” Magnetic Eyewear Holder

This handy little contraption is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” items that answers a question commonly asked by every eyeglass wearer: Where are my glasses? After being featured on Shark Tank, this product’s popularity has soared and there’s no wondering why. The simple yet ingenious design allows you to hang your glasses on your pocket or shirt thus ensuring that your spectacles are always where you can find them. With multiple designs available, from the original stainless steel to sassy bejeweled options, there’s a ReadeREST for everyone.

2. Stylish Eyeglass Holders

Since clothing isn’t always the best place to keep your eyewear, it’s a nice idea to have a holder that can be placed on a desk or table while you’re working. Whether your loved one is a dog lover, a tech geek, or just super stylish and a little whimsical, chances are you can find an eyeglass holder that fits perfectly. From robots to puppies to noses, there’s an eyeglass holder for everyone on your Christmas list.

3. “Talk Nerdy to Me” T-shirt

Yes. We know that not all eyeglass wearers are nerds. We also know that not all nerds wear glasses. But we are equally certain that you know someone who proudly rocks his or her spectacles while taking in the midnight showing of the entire “Lord of the Rings” trilogy in celebration of J.R.R. Tolkien’s birthday. This shirt is for you… to give to them. They’ll love it.

4. Eyeglass Chains and Cords

Not only functional, but also stylish, eyeglass chains are starting to make their way back into the “popular” accessories category. Stop by our office to choose from a variety of designs. We have metal chains but also fun cords for the kids!

5. Kate Spade New York Literary Glasses Large Notepad

Speaking of stylish, what bespectacled fashionista wouldn’t love this handy dandy notebook? The matching pencil pouch is also available because all good things – like glasses – come in pairs.

6. Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner

If you’re going for more practicality than personality, might we suggest the Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner from Sharper Image? With just some tap water and sound waves, this device removes all dirt and grime that builds up on eyewear over time. A friend will tell you your glasses are dirty. A real friend will give you a snazzy little doodad to clean them.

7. Miniature Precision Screwdriver

This small keyring screwdriver is great in case of an eyewear emergency and makes a great stocking stuffer. Featuring reversible flat and philips screwdriver heads, not only would these be ideal for fixing glasses, but also for jewelry and watches! Stop by our office to purchase this handy tool!

8. LensPen Peeps

Every eyeglass wearer knows that keeping your glasses clean is a never-ending chore, and any device that helps you do so quickly and efficiently is indeed a gift. That’s where the LensPen Peeps eyeglass cleaner comes in. With its compact design and safety-tested material, this device is both practical and thoughtful. As if that weren’t enough, the material used in the LensPen Peeps is the same stuff they use to clean lenses on the Space Station. Now that’s cool.

9. Umbra Specs Paper Clips

Perfect for your coworker who is known for her style and work ethic, these unique office supplies are cute and functional. There nothing like a creative way to say “Thank you!” for her hard work all year long.

10. Animal Themed Contact Lens Cases

These cute animal cases will keep contact lenses safe. Perfect for that someone who can’t resist adorable animal themed accessories or that child at heart. Stop by our office to purchase these cuties.

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