Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Experts had done studies and found that 50 to 90% of computer users suffer from vision syndromes according to eye doctor Edmonton. However, in drier climates such as Alberta the instances of sufferers increase. Because the dryer the climate is, the more likely people are to that this condition.

When people use computers or in fact any other electronic devices such as tablets, cell phones and electronic readers. Because they are focusing their eyes on things that are so close to their face. Their eyes have to work very hard. Which tires the muscles out. And can cause a variety of symptoms.

The longer people are focusing their eye muscles without taking a break. The quicker they are likely to develop symptoms of this condition. Which is why eye doctor Edmonton suggests anyone who is using any electronic devices. Need to take regular breaks.

Optometrists generally agree that for adults, the brakes that they should take our every twenty minutes. And that for twenty seconds, they should be looking at something that is 20 feet away. The reason why this is the recommended activity during their break. Is to get people to stop focusing their eyes so closely. So that they can give their eyes a break regularly.

Without these breaks, many people find that when they leave their electronic devices at the end of the day. When they go to focus on something farther way. They either have blurred vision, or they can have double vision as well. And it can take several minutes or even longer to get back into focus.


However, the more children start using electronic devices as well area more children are developing computer vision syndrome. And they are developing it earlier and earlier in their life. For children, taking a break after twenty minutes of computer activity is great. The break they need to take is approximately 20 to 30 minutes long. So that their eyes can get used to relaxing at regular intervals.

Not only is focusing on something close up a reason why people develop computer vision syndrome. But the light that these electronic devices emit. Is called blue violet light and is the shortest wavelength. What this means, is that blue violet light contains the most energy. And when that high-energy light gets transmitted to people’s eyes. It can cause fatigue, and headaches as well.

Therefore, it is very important that people are aware of the various symptoms of computer vision syndrome. So that they can take the proper precautions to protect their eyes. As well as protect themselves against the symptoms that they may find themselves suffering from.

If people have any concerns that they might be at risk for computer vision syndrome. Or that they already have blurred vision or fatigue. They should contact their eye doctor Edmonton in order to get an examination.

They should let their doctor know that they are on electronic devices for a significant amount of time. So that the doctor can look for physical symptoms. And prescribe the right prescription and treatment for their situation.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

If people are on electronic devices for an extended period of time says eye doctor Edmonton. Especially if they are not taking breaks. They may develop a wide variety of symptoms that make up computer vision syndrome.

Because people typically use electronic devices close up, one of the most common symptoms is eyestrain. Also fatigue, headaches and blurred or double vision. Dry eyes are also very common symptom. Whether it is red, itchy or burning eyes. Or people may have excessive tearing while using or after using electronic devices.

In some more serious cases, eye doctor Edmonton says people will have spasms of their accommodative system. From doing sustained work on their electronic device.

And while it is unrealistic to ask a lot of people to significantly minimize their electronic use. Simply because they are using these electronics because of work purposes. Therefore, it is extremely important that people understand the need to take breaks every twenty minutes.

Aside from taking breaks every twenty minutes. There are a lot of other things that people can do that can help them guard themselves against this common syndrome.

While dry eye is often a symptom of computer vision syndrome. Studies done by the Alberta optometry Association have found that drier climates have higher instances of this syndrome. Therefore, if people find that they have dry eyes, and all of the symptoms related to dry eyes.

They should find themselves some lubricating eye drops. And use as directed to minimize the chances that they have dry eyes while using electronic devices.


That along with taking regular breaks can be enough to minimize or even get rid of many symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome.

Eye doctor Edmonton also suggests that people who are suffering from computer vision syndrome should very mindful of how much time they spend on electronic devices when they are away from work. So they do not exacerbate their condition.

However, people may need more help in minimizing or eliminating these symptoms. Which is why it is important if they continue to have symptoms. That they get checked out by their eye doctor Edmonton. They can prescribe a wide variety of lenses and lens coatings. Whether they wear corrective lenses, contact lenses or they do not wear glasses. That can minimize symptoms.

For example, they can prescribe computer glasses that are similar to reading glasses. But are specifically designed for computer use. These glasses can help the I focus without working so hard. So that people do not get eyestrain or fatigue when using electronic devices.

The optometrist can also prescribe a variety of lens coatings on their glasses. That can block blue violet light for example. Or anti reflective coatings that can keep the light from bouncing off their lenses. Causing additional eyestrain and fatigue.

By understanding that these are not normal symptoms that they should be experiencing. Can encourage people to get help if they are suffering from computer vision syndrome. So that they do not have to suffer either at work or at home.