Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Dry Eye Symptoms

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Dry Eye Symptoms

Many people who are suffering from dry eye syndrome may not be aware of it according to eye doctor Edmonton. Because the symptoms associated with this syndrome are not as obvious as people might think they are.

While some of the symptoms can include burning eyes, itchiness and red eyes. With the feeling like people have foreign bodies in their eyes. Or that their eyelids are made out of sandpaper. These are the obvious signs associated with dry eye syndrome.

Less common symptoms include blurry vision and excessive tearing of the eyes. Often, when people go to their eye doctor Edmonton complaining of these symptoms.

They are very surprised when they hear that they have dry eyes. Because the symptoms make it seem like they have excessive tears, or they need a change in prescription. However, in order to understand why dry eyes have symptoms that include excessive tearing of the eyes, and blurred vision.

Patients need to understand how eyes work, and why they need tears. The first thing that tears will do, is provide nutrients to the surface of the eyes. This helps keeps the eyes healthy. So that they can do their job for many years.

However, tears are also necessary for providing a smooth surface for light to pass through. While they tears carry bacteria away from the eye, and carried to Brea way. This ultimately has the end goal of providing the smoothest surface possible.


This smooth surface will allow light to pass through easily, so that people can see clearly. If there is not enough tears or lubrication on the surface of the eye. It ends at being rough, and when light passes through the surface. Bounces off all of the rough surfaces, resulting in blurred vision.

People often find that they do not have consistently blurry vision. That they have great vision when they wake up. That eventually gets blurry or throughout the day.

Or, they find that they will have blurry vision after spending many hours on a computer, phone or tablet. And this is because they have strained their eyes, and that straining causes them to dry out their eyes.

This is how not having enough tears can cause blurred vision. But many people still question how come dry eyes results in teary or watery eyes.

When the body does not have enough tears, or it does not produce a good enough quality of tears. To keep the surface of the eye lubricated. It has a reflex action, of producing more tears to flood lie.

Unfortunately, eye doctor Edmonton says that the tears that the body produces as a result of not having enough tears. Are not a good quality tear, which does not help lubricate the eyes.

Therefore, when people go to their optometrist, complaining of blurred vision, or excessive tears. The optometrist will typically look for other symptoms of dry eye, so that they can get a treatment that can help people minimize their dry eyes.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Dry Eye Symptoms

There are many different reasons why people might have dry eyes according to eye doctor Edmonton. Particularly in Alberta, where the climate is extremely dry.

However, while there may be several different things that an optometrist can do to minimize dry eye symptoms. Depending on what the symptoms people are suffering from. Will dictate what kind of treatment they get.

One of the most important things to keep in mind. Is that there are two different ways that dry eye can develop in people. One is when their body does not produce enough tears.

They might not be producing enough tears because they are dehydrated, because they have blocked tear ducts, or because they have medical conditions or are taking medication that impedes tears.

Or, a person may have dry eye because they are producing tears, but they are not good quality. Good quality tears means that it has enough of the oil that can keep the eye lubricated for long periods of time.

Without this oil, either the tears flow out of the patient’s eyes. Or it causes the tears to evaporate very quickly. Even a person who has a lot of tears typically. Can end up with dry eyes symptoms, because the quality of their tears is quite low.

One thing that eye doctor Edmonton will need to look for. In order to determine what the cause of the dry eyes is. Is to see if there is any atrophy or hypertrophy in the tear producing glands. Which means the tissue is damaged and starting to become ineffective, or is swollen.

Or, if the tear ducts are blocked. Which means that even though a person might be producing tears, they cannot come out of the ducts, to lubricate the eye.


In both of these scenarios, eye doctor Edmonton must actually treat the problem, in order to get them to start producing the oil or tears that are needed.

This can involve taking anti-inflammatories in the form of eyedrops. Or even using warm compresses. Because heat can help open up the glands and the ducts. To help the body produce more tears.

However, if the cause of the dry eyes is not in the ducts or the glands. The next thing that an optometrist will look for, is environmental factors.

If people are living in a dry climate like Alberta. They might suggest using humidifiers both at home and at work if possible.

They will also ask a person how much computer time they get. And see if a person can minimize the time spent on a computer if possible. If this is not possible, taking breaks is extremely important.

They can also discuss removing irritants like eyelash extensions. As well as drinking lots of water, and increasing the omega-3 intake. Because these can all help the body produce tears and the oil needed to lubricate the eye.

Even if the symptoms that people are experiencing may not immediately point to dry eye syndrome. The sooner a patient can get into see their optometrist with any symptoms dealing with their eye. Sooner they can get a proper diagnosis.