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Cross Eye Treatment | What Is a Vision Syndrome?

Cross Eye Treatment | What Is a Vision Syndrome?

Not only are vision syndromes often undiagnosed, but unlike a cross eye treatment. That is obvious because of how the child looks. Most vision syndromes, or ocular motor dysfunctions. Are something that parents cannot see by looking at their child.

Therefore, parents need to be paying close attention to their child. In order to determine if their child is struggling visually. And they can figure this out. By seeing how their child interacts with the world around them.

And how they are doing in school. As well as listening to what their teacher is saying about their child. Because that can provide clues that they need. To get them to a vision therapist for an assessment.

Children might have trouble with what is called a saccadic eye movement. Which refers to the ability to move from one object to another successfully.

This requires their eyes to work as a team to focus on one object. And then both eyes as a team successfully. And focus on another object in the right location.

This is most commonly found to be problematic. When children have a hard time reading. And if they are reading silently, they may struggle. With nobody truly understanding why they are having a hard time.

However, if they get their child or if a teacher gets their students. To read a line of text out loud. They will be able to tell if the child is having trouble with their saccadic eye movements.

If they are unable to read in a straight line. But instead read words all over a page in random orders. This is because they are having a hard time going from one defined location to the next. And focusing on their intended targets.


Another problem that children might have. If they have in ocular motor dysfunction. Is that they cannot read one line of text successfully. And then drop down to the line below it in order to read.

When parents or teachers ask the child to read a block of text. They may get to the end of the line of text. And then have trouble figuring out what line of text to read next.

They may read the same line over, or read a completely different line. Because they have a hard time following that line of motion. Or, children with pursuit eye movement difficulties.

Can have a hard time playing sports. Because they have a hard time following the ball, or understanding why children are running in certain directions.

Children can also often be called uncoordinated, because they seem to accident-prone when it comes to sports. But it truly is because they are having a hard time seeing and they may just need a cross eye treatment. Or other visual therapy treatment.

Regardless of what problems the child has. And whether they need a cross eye treatment, a lazy eye treatment or something else. Getting the right diagnosis is the first step.

And once they have the diagnosis, they can talk to their visual therapist about the right treatment. That can help them train their eyes to work. So that they can understand the visual world around them.

Cross Eye Treatment | What Is a Vision Syndrome?

Many people think that the only vision syndrome that needs help is when their child needs a cross eye treatment or a lazy eye treatment. But in fact, there are many different ocular motor dysfunctions. Also called vision syndromes. That require help beyond corrective lenses.

In fact, 25% of children in Canada. Have an undiagnosed vision syndrome according to a recent study. Which means they are having a hard time adding their eyes to work as a team.

To do things like focus, track objects, moving their eyes in their intended direction. Which impacts their ability to read, learn, and even play sports for example.

Therefore, it is very important that a parent gets the right diagnosis if they suspect their child has a vision syndrome. Or even if there certain that all their child has is a lazy eye or cross eye.

That requires the right lazy I treatment or cross eye treatment. That they get the right diagnosis first. By a trained visual therapist. Who will be able to come up with a customized vision therapy program.

Designed for their child specifically. That will allow them to help their child train their eyes how to work together effectively. In order to figure out where their eyes are pointing.

Will also help the child learn how to follow information and objects as well. Once they start undergoing a regular visual therapy program. With a trained vision therapist. They are going to improve quickly.


Using a computer program, to help train their eyes exactly how to work together. To look at objects, focus. And track objects. They can start to learn how to use their eyes to process visual information.

And in fact, parents as well as teachers. Are going to notice an extremely fast improvement in the student and in their child. With dramatic changes in their ability to learn.

As well as in their behaviour and mood. Since they will be able to read better. They will get more enjoyment from reading. As well as be able to understand the topics that they are learning about in school.

So that they are going to be able to do better scholastically. And start having an improvement in their grades. As they are better able to read, study. And understand the subject matter that they are learning about.

This is going to increase their behaviour and mood. By being happier, and doing things like reading on their own for enjoyment. And gaining a lot of confidence that they may not have had just from a visual therapy or cross eye treatment.

They may find a new enjoyment in sporting activities. Such as baseball, soccer or football. That they did not enjoy before. Because trying to follow the play, and the balls. Were too difficult.

Also, teachers often report that children thrive socially as well. Because now they can be part of the group as they play sports, or study together. Which can drastically improve the life of the child. Not just their grades.