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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How to Treat Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How We Treat Strabismus

Many parents who hear the terms strabismus may not realize their child needs cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because strabismus is the medical term for cross eyes.

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And while many parents may already have figured out. That their child is suffering from cross eyes. And need an adequate cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Some parents think that it is purely a cosmetic issue. Because their child might look strange when their eyes are not pointed in the same direction. However, while there is a cosmetic aspect to it.

It is more important to find a cross eye treatment in Edmonton for many other reasons. Then purely a cosmetic issue.

In fact, strabismus is a condition where the eyes are not aligned to each other. Therefore, when a child tries to look at something. Such as an object close-up or far away. Or even when they are reading.

They are unable to have their eyes look at the same point. Which means they are looking at two different places. Which results in double vision. Not only is this extremely irritating to the eyes.

It is confusing to the brain, and causes fatigue, and headaches and people continue to look at something. That is double in vision. And children, particularly in a school setting.

Develop many coping mechanisms. To avoid the pain, fatigue and irritation. That comes with strabismus. Unfortunately, because 80% of the learning that takes place in a classroom is visual.

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There is a significant portion of school that the child will be missing, due to this type of coping mechanism. And while it is classic avoidance. Some teachers may mistake the symptoms.

As symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Such as not being able to concentrate, and not sitting still in their desk. However, it is not ADD or ADHD. It is simply how the child is choosing to cope with the fact.

That they are in pain, or are irritated and fatigued when they do try to focus. So if a parent a from the teacher, that they suspect ADD or ADHD. And the symptoms do not quite add up.

Parents, before taking their child for an assessment. Can get an assessment with the vision therapist, to find out if they simply need a proper treatment for the patient instead.

Simple test that a parent can do. In order to rule out ADD or ADHD. Is see if their child can pay attention to verbal instructions. Or if their child is able and willing to concentrate, on something like a story that they are being read.

If they can concentrate, follow instructions. And concentrate when they are not required to use their eyes or their vision. The likely culprit is a vision problem such as strabismus. More than it could be ADD or ADHD.

At any rate, finding a vision therapist to do the proper assessment is extremely important. And will help them find the right diagnosis, and subsequent treatment. That will help the child overcome their visual problems. So that they can navigate the visual world with ease and grace.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How to Treat Strabismus With Vision Therapy

When children require a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. It is because they have a strabismus, or are cross eyed. And many parents are not aware of everything that this entails.

For example, many parents think that cross eyes is something that is purely cosmetic in nature. Because their child is not able to focus their eyes in the same direction.

But rather than it being a cosmetic issue mostly. When they are not able to focus their eyes in the same direction. Focusing on objects is hard. And usually ends up in the child seeing double.

Whether a child is trying to learn in a classroom environment. Such as reading, or taking notes. Or whether they are trying to navigate the physical world. When they see double, the going to encounter many problems.

In fact, many children get accused of being extremely clumsy. Because they are always bumping into things, or are unable to do certain tasks such as catch a ball.

But the reason why they are clumsy. Is because they do not know where objects actually are. And where it looks like they are, due to the double vision.

They may avoid playing on the playground with their friends. And they definitely avoid sports because of the problems. And while the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton can help them overcome these issues.


Parents need to understand that there are many different types of strabismus. And each type has its own unique cause, and treatment. And that can make it a little bit more difficult.

To get diagnosed, and then find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. However, it is incredibly important that parents do make the attempt to get the right diagnosis, and subsequent treatment.

And the reason why, is because if they do not treat this in a timely fashion. The brain will simply become so fatigued. Trying to compensate for the double vision that child is having.

That will simply over time, shut off that eyes ability to see things. And while the child might find relief when this happens. Because they are no longer seeing double. They also will lose visual efficiency skills.

Such as the ability to focus, have depth perception, or track moving objects. And while work can be done to regain the vision in that eye once more. Undergoing cross eye treatment in Edmonton first. Is a much easier, and less involved process.

However, vision therapy is also not a guarantee. That it is going to fix the child’s strabismus. And there is the risk that any child that undergoes treatment is going to require surgery at the end of it.

Although, parents should keep in mind that even if they do vision therapy first. And then surgery later. That their child’s eyes will be significantly strengthened. And they will be able to withstand surgery more successfully. That if they never tried treatment in the first place.