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Concussion Treatment | Treating Brain Injuries Effectively

Concussion Treatment | Treating Brain Injuries Effectively

Following a concussion, people should talk to the right doctors to come up with the right concussion treatment. However, one large problem that many people have. Is that they do not realize that they have had a concussion in the first place.

This could be for a number of different reasons. In the first one, being that there injury did not result in a blow to their head. Therefore, they end up thinking that it is not possible that they have a concussion.

However, this is a misconception that is not true. And people can end up getting a concussion very easily. Without ever receiving a blow to their head. Simply because a concussion means that their brain hit the inside of their skull.

This can happen very easily a number of different ways. Ultimately, any injury that a person receives. That caused their head to either stop moving very quickly, or changed directions very quickly.

Can cause a concussion. Because while the head can move fast. The brain, which is suspended in brain fluid. Will be carried by the momentum of the last motion.

And if they head changes direction or stops suddenly enough. The brain will hit the inside of a person’s skull, resulting in a concussion. And depending on where a person hits their brain.

It can result in a wide variety of symptoms. However, some of the constant symptoms that people have with a concussion. Is related to their visual system in some way.

And the reason why, is because there are so many different body functions. That depend on the visual system. So that no matter what part of the brain was injured during the concussion.


Chances are quite high, that it impacted some part of the patient’s visual system. In fact, there are over three hundred neural connections in the brain dealing with the visual system.

In addition to thirty-two different centres of the brain that deals with vision in some way. Making it more likely that a concussion will result in visual system damage than not.

Knowing this, patients should keep in mind that finding the right concussion treatment. Will involve finding the right doctor. And their GP, or physiotherapist might not have the right answers.

This is why they should contact a visual therapist. Or an optometrist who is trained in visual therapy. Because not only will they have the knowledge, to be able to recognize concussion damage.

But also, they will be able to come up with the right concussion treatment that can help heal their brain damage. So that not only do they minimize symptoms. But they also heal the brain from the source.

However, patients should not rush out and talk to a visual therapist as soon as they sustained an injury. Instead, they can wait up to one three months. So that all of their symptoms can develop.

Because while it may take up to a week and a half for some symptoms to show up. Others might not be permanent. And waiting so that people can ensure the symptoms that they are experiencing are permanent. Before they talk to a therapist is important.

Concussion Treatment | Treating Brain Injuries Effectively

Many people may realize that a concussion is a brain injury, but not think of it in terms of finding the right practitioner for their concussion treatment. Or, they can end up not realizing that they have been injured as significantly as they have been.

In fact, many people can end up having a concussion and not even realize it. Because while some people assume that concussions involve a blow to their head. This is not always the case.

And when people have had even a mild injury, such as tripping and falling on the pavement. While their brain could have sustained a concussion.

They were not seriously injured in the event. Which might cause them to not realize that they had a concussion in the first place.

This is why it is very important for many people to understand how concussions can show up. Especially when it comes to their vision.

And the reason why, is because it is extremely likely that some aspect of their is will system has been damaged during the event. This is because so many different bodily functions depend on the visual system.

So that no matter how badly the brain was injured. Or where it was hit. Some aspect of a person’s visual system will likely have been affected.

Therefore, symptoms that people should be aware of include eyestrain, double vision and blurred vision. As well as headaches, balance concerns and being dizzy or nauseous.

Even people who find themselves being hypersensitive to motion, especially in their peripheral vision. May not realize that this is also caused by concussion damage.


Even people who are experiencing dry eyes all of a sudden. May not realize that it could be caused by their brain being damaged in a concussion. That cause the part of their brain that regulates blinking to stop working properly.

Because of the brain things such a complex organ, when people have had a concussion. Finding the right concussion treatment is extremely important to complete healing.

However, recognizing symptoms may be more difficult. And if people can recognize some common coping mechanisms. They may be able to recognize themselves.

Realize that they have brain damage related to their concussion. And seek the right concussion treatment for their problems. These coping mechanisms can include the following.

Enlarging font on their computer or digital devices. Limiting time on those digital devices, or decreasing the brightness on their digital devices.

Dimming the lights in their home because it causes them pain. As well as taking breaks more often than usual when they are reading.

All of these coping mechanisms can be caused by damage to the visual system. That happened when they sustained a concussion. And recognizing this can help people find the right treatment for their issues to help them heal properly.