Eye on Style: Moonshine Doughnuts

Having a craving for something sweet? Make your way down to either the 124 Grand Market or the 104 City Market Downtown where you will find these two charming gents: Simon Underwood and Matthew Garrett of Moonshine Doughnuts. Vision by Design nibbled on some of their delicious doughnuts while we chatted food and fashion. Read more of our interview below.


Hi there! What are your names?
Simon Underwood and Matthew Garrett.

Tell us about yourself.
M – We are from Moonshine Doughnuts. Simon and I started bringing doughnuts to the streets of Edmonton since 2012. Our doughnuts are made using the freshest local and seasonal ingredients. Then our doughnuts are hand-dipped, and small-batch baked before we pack them up!
S – We want our box of doughnuts to be the perfect gift for everyone! We take our time to craft each doughnut to ensure that piece is as beautiful as it looks and is as delicious as it tastes!

How would you describe your personal style?
M – My style is like a mullet. Mullets have the “business in the front, party in the back” theme going on. My look plays out to be “business in the front” by wearing something like a button up shirt for something tailored, then “party in the back” with something fun like leggings! (On that note, Matthew has these outrageous doughnut leggings!)

Where do you get style inspiration from?
S – I get inspired from brands like All Saints, J.Crew and Uniqlo. Uniqlo has a classic look with their pieces and at an affordable price. I can easily wear their oxford button up shirts, or a plain basic tee without breaking the bank to look stylish. I also look at different local fashion bloggers like Alyssa Lau, The Pretty Secrets and The Nowhere Fast and their Instagram pages for tips on how to dress or emulate a masculine look to what they have worn or how they have styled themselves.

How do you incorporate sunglasses in your wardrobe? Do you also have any favourite brands of sunglasses or eyewear that you incorporate in your wardrobe?
S – By finding a frame that fits my big head! Kidding. I try to find something that I know will fit the shape of my face without the frame looking too small. I love the Ray-Ban Wayfarer (Classics, large frame)!
M – I love my Oliver Peoples sunglasses. I had one ages ago which I lost, but I loved them so much I had to buy another pair!

What is your favourite part about Edmonton?
M – Everything! Edmonton is slowly moving up in the way we are creating a name and image for our city. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal – those cities already have their “IT” factors to them. Edmonton is getting their “IT” right now, and we are all getting to be a part of this movement and experience.

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