Eye on Style: Jason Halbauer

Writer, producer and improve star are just a few words to describe the talented Jason Halbauer. We had the pleasure of sitting down over a cup of coffee and chatting over our love for Edmonton and fashion with this one man show. Read more about Jason below.


Hi there! What’s your name?
Jason Halbauer

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am currently a producer/writer for Dinner TV, prior to that I have been a producer with City TV Edmonton for 4 years. I am also into sketch comedy! I recently worked on the improve-based sketch, Blackout which was out at NextFest.

You’ve seen and heard a lot about Edmonton over your years as a producer. What is your favourite part about our city?
The energy! Edmontonians have this energy that is like no other. People in the city are so excited to be here and support one another which I also love. It’s very community driven out here.

What is one quirky thing no one knows about you up until now?
Not a lot of people know that I play the guitar and the ukulele! I also like to sing. I sing in the shower, outside while I am out and about – everywhere! When I am caught singing that means I am happy!

How would you describe your personal style?
My style would have to be geek chick. I’d say that I’m a practical dresser, very modern looking like a creative professional.

How do you incorporate glasses into your wardrobe?
I don’t like to wear contacts, so I decided to wear glasses. I incorporate my glasses based on how they are in contrast with my outfits. My frames are usually black and/or blue in colour as those go with anything I am wearing.

How many pairs of glasses/sunglasses do you own?
I a collective total of 4 pairs of glasses/sunglasses.

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