Eye on Fashion: DiamondCake

We recently had the opportunity to hang out with two of Edmonton’s biggest fan girls and clothing designers. Meet Kelsie Romans and Christina Russo of DiamondCake! Read more of our interview with the two pop culture fanatics below.


Hi there! What are your names?
C: Hey there! I'm Christina Russo.
K: Oh hi, I am Kelsie Romans.

What are your Instagram handles?
C: @diamondxtina
K: @diamondkelsie

Tell us a little about yourselves.
C: I am one half of DiamondCake. A photography/online store collaborated with my BFF. I love to shop and see movies and I’m super into puzzles right now.
K: Certainly, I am the other half of the photography/online store/ bff dynamic duo of DiamondCake. I am an artsy type who enjoys pop culture, making things with my hands and dancing in my kitchen.

How would you describe your personal style?
C: Casual, classic, a bit ridiculous and Rachel Green from Friends.
K: A combination of Parisian, punk rock and teenage girl.

What is your favourite fashion trend this summer?
C: I'm obsessing over prints right now. But the 90's being back is just a really, really great thing.
K: I am thrilled that the 90's are back; scrunchies, ringers, flatforms. I love it all.

Describe your dream wardrobe.
C: SO MANY SHOES. I have a hard time finding shoes in my size so I’d love to have my pick of any style. Also a lot of perfect jeans and sweaters.
K: Just like, filled with a thousand different leather jackets, boyband concert tees and amazing footwear.

If you could steal a celebrities style, who would it be and why?
C: Olivia Palermo is the queen of all things fashion. She can literally wear anything. She is just SO GOOD at putting pieces together. Pairing different pieces and creating different looks is always what I strive to do.
K: Sophia Amoruso. I have been obsessed with her for years. She is glamourous, edgy and unapologetically herself.

How do you incorporate glasses into your wardrobe?
C: I think it's all about owning it. Making them part of your signature look and rocking them! It's fun to throw on a different colour or shape of glasses to amp up an outfit.
K: I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old on account of my broken eyes. I usually rock a classic black plastic frame because they go with everything. I do enjoy mixing it up with some coloured frames, or switching to contact lenses so I can wear a pair of my non-prescription sunglasses.

What about incorporating your hair style and make up with the style of your glasses?
C: I have glasses that I wear on days that I go for a no makeup look and glasses that I only like wearing when I have a full face on. I treat my glasses just like any other accessory so depending on my outfit I might switch it up for that day.
K: I love wearing false eyelashes and dramatic eye make up behind my oversize glasses. I was embarrassed of my glasses when I was younger and now I know they are a. nothing to be embarrassed about and b. a fun fashion accessory.

How many pairs of glasses/sunglasses do you own?
C: Honestly...too many haha! I'm a bit of an eye wear hoarder. Probably around 10 pairs of glasses all together, I think it's fun to switch it up when you can.
K: Around 15 pairs but I'm usually alternating between my prescription pieces out of convenience.