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Lazy Eye Treatment | When Children Struggle in School

Lazy Eye Treatment | When Children Struggle in School

When children are struggling in their studies, they might need a lazy eye treatment. Or treatment for another ocular motor dysfunction. Because many children are undiagnosed with these issues.

In fact, according to a recent study. One in four children have an undiagnosed vision syndrome. That requires treatment beyond needing corrective lenses for their issue.

There are many different vision syndromes and ocular motor dysfunctions. That affects children. Resulting in children not being able to use their eyes to work as a team.

This impacts their ability to focus on stationary objects. As well as have a hard time following moving objects. And this can lead to a hard time processing visual information.

And not only can they have a hard time moving through the world, that is extremely visually oriented. But it can create problems in school, in sports and even socially.

Parents should understand what different ocular motor dysfunctions and vision syndromes are. Because while they may be familiar with a lazy eye treatment, and patching. In order to help when I strengthen.

Patching is no longer considered a great treatment option for children. In favour of a more comprehensive vision therapy program. That can address many different ocular motor dysfunctions at the same time.

Much more quickly and successfully then patching. However, parents should know what to look for, when their child is struggling either at school, sports or both.


Parents will find that their child struggles with reading. And this could be due to a number of factors. If they have in ocular motor dysfunction affecting their saccadic eye movement.

This is going to impact their ability to move their eyes from one word to the next. And a child who has a difficult time with their saccadic eye movement. Will read words all over the page instead of in a line.

Therefore, they will take a longer time to read a passage. They will make a lot of mistakes, and they will have low comprehension about what they are reading as well.

However, a problem with their saccadic eye movement is not the only problem that children could have with their reading. If they have a hard time with pursuit eye movement.

is the ability to move from one line of text, the line of text below what they are reading. And they may read the line above, or several lines above or below. Which will again impact their ability to read quickly.

And impact their comprehension about the text that they are reading. Therefore, when they have a pursuit eye movement problem. The may read a line of text fine, but then get lost as they moved to the next line.

However, this can impact their ability to play sports as well. Because they cannot follow a ball. And can impacts their enjoyment of playing the game.

Whether they need a lazy eye treatment or something else. Understanding when to bring a child in important to help them learn as efficiently as possible in school and in sports.

Lazy Eye Treatment | When Children Struggle in School

It is very important for parents to keep in mind, that if their child is struggling at school they may need a lazy eye treatment. Or they may have any other number of ocular motor dysfunctions that are currently undiagnosed.

In fact, 25% of all children have an undiagnosed vision syndrome issue. That requires treatment beyond corrective lenses.

As well, many parents may be hesitant to find a lazy eye treatment for their child. Even if they suspect that this is what they are suffering from. Because they want to avoid patching their child’s eye.

Not only is patching uncomfortable. But it is very socially difficult for a child to go through. And they often end up pulling off their patch, because it is not pleasant, and can ostracize them at school.

If parents do suspect that their child has a lazy eye, or may be suffering from any other vision syndrome. The first step that they should take is contacting vision by design.

While many people are aware of this optometrist clinic as a great place for I exams, and fashionable eyeglasses frames. They also have vision therapists on staff.

These vision therapists ensure that during any child’s routine eye exam. That they look for signs of ocular motor dysfunction, or vision syndrome problems.

And if they detect any issues. They will talk to the parents, and recommend that the parents bring the child in for a more comprehensive test. This test will have several different components to it.


And these different components will test for things such as focusing ability, I teaming ability. As well as an in-depth assessment of the child’s ocular motor skills.

Using this information, they will come up with not only a diagnosis. But a great treatment plan. That they can discuss with the parents as soon the examination is over.

Using the right visual therapy program and lazy eye treatment. They can help train the child how to use their eyes effectively. So that they can use them as a team, to control where their eyes are pointing.

After the child has successfully completed their vision therapy program. Parents should notice an extremely large difference in how their child was when they first started the program.

Where their child might have avoided reading, as well as doing homework. They might love reading. And get their homework done quickly, and right away.

The grades will most definitely improve. As their ability to focus in class, take notes. And read their textbooks will increase. As well as their ability to comprehend what they are reading.

And a seemingly uncoordinated child, that did not enjoy sports. Might be extremely good at activities that they were not good at before.

In addition to these changes, parents should notice of their child is happier, more confident. And even more social at school, and our home. Because they now will have the ability to use their eyes, to navigate the visual world around them.