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Lazy Eye Treatment | Reading Difficulties in Children

Lazy Eye Treatment | Reading Difficulties in Children

Often, if parents notice that their child has a hard time reading, they may need a lazy eye treatment. However, the good news is patching is a thing of the past. As more sophisticated vision therapy programs are created.

This is why anyone who suspects that their child has lazy eye, or any other ocular motor dysfunction. Should bring their child to vision by design. Not only are they a regular optometrist.

But they also have vision therapists on staff. Who will routinely test children’s ocular motor abilities. As a part of their regular eye exam. And if they detect any issues.

They can talk to the parent, and ask the parents to bring the child in for more comprehensive and in-depth tests. To find out if they do have any ocular motor dysfunctions.

That are potentially impeding their ability to learn in school. And play sports whether it is in school, or extracurricular activities. Signs that parents should watch for.

That may point to the fact that their child has an ocular motor dysfunction. Or needs a lazy eye treatment. Is that if the child who used to love school is starting to dislike it.

Because all of the different ocular motor dysfunctions that they could have. Will all make it more difficult to read, and comprehend the information. Which can make school work very difficult.

They might also not love sports, or appear extremely uncoordinated. But it is not that the child is uncoordinated. It is because they have a hard time following the ball when it is in play.


Or other ocular motor dysfunctions. Can make it difficult to process visual information. So even trying to follow gameplay can be very difficult as well as frustrating.

Therefore, if children do not like school, and they do not like sports. They might be suffering from an ocular motor dysfunction. Or if they are having a hard time socially, this also could be to blame.

When they go back to vision by design for more comprehensive test. They are going to have a visual efficiency exam. That will test for issues such as the ability to focus.

Not just focusing on moving objects, but focusing on stationary objects as well. I teaming ability, and in-depth assessment of their ocular motor skills. This will help them come to a complete conclusion about what their issues are.

And whether they need a lazy eye treatment, or treatments of other ocular motor dysfunctions. They will discuss treatment options with parents. To help their child learn how to use both of their eyes as a team.

The right visual therapy program that they devise. Will help train that child how to use their eyes as a team. So that they can focus, follow information, and comprehend the world around them more successfully.

After a successful vision therapy program. Children will often not only start loving school and sports again. But they will have increased confidence, their mood will lift. And parents will see huge change.

Lazy Eye Treatment | Reading Difficulties in Children

It is very important for parents who think they needs to get a lazy eye treatment for their child. Actually gets them in for a comprehensive vision therapy test.

The reason why, is because not only are one in four children walking around with undiagnosed vision syndromes. But when they have one ocular motor dysfunction, they typically have more than one problem that needs to be fixed.

Therefore, when a parent suspects they need to get their child a lazy eye treatment. Ed complete and comprehensive visual efficiency exam. Will help the visual therapist understand exactly what is going on with the child’s eyes.

They might have a problem with their saccadic Irishmen to. Which is the ability to move from one object to another. Such as following a line of text while reading.

Not only do they have to go from one word to the other, but there are several words in a line. In several lines of text that a child will need to read. And if they cannot go from one word to the next, they will have a hard time reading.

So if a child takes a long time reading a passage. Or when they read they do not understand what they have just read. They might have a problem with their saccadic eye movement.

Another problem could be pursuit eye movement. And this is keeping eyes steady on a moving target. And while this is extremely important during sports. For example following a ball or puck.


Pursuit eye movement is also extremely important during the reading. To ensure that they can follow one line of text. Without jumping up or down to a different line than the one they are intending to read.

Another ocular motor dysfunction that parents should be aware of. Is simply focusing on a target. If children are having a hard time staying focused on a stationary object.

They can understand how difficult it would be to process all of the visual information around them. Which would make several things difficult including school and sports.

And while parents might not notice specifically that their child is struggling. Teachers are also trained to notice these types of problems in children. And may bring it up to the parent.

Saying that they notice that their child is struggling to read, or comprehend. Or are not enjoying recess, or gym class. And they recommend getting visual assessment with a visual therapist such as vision by design.

Not only will they be able to get the right test. But at vision by design. They will be able to put together a customized vision therapy program. That does not include patching as a lazy eye treatment for example.

That will help children learn how to use their eyes effectively as a team. So that they can overcome any of their ocular motor dysfunction. Whether it is focusing, following objects. Or moving from one object to the next.