Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | When Children Have Vision System Problems

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Some Children Have Vision System Problems

It may be hard for parents to understand, that even if their child has perfect vision, they may require additional help such as lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because the visual system is so complex.

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That if they have perfect vision. That does not necessarily mean that they will not have a problem with their vision system. Whether they can focus at one distance.

Does not mean that they will not have problems focusing at another distance. And when children have problems such as a lazy eye, when one eye will not work in conjunction with both eyes.

It will require a specialized way to fix it. Such as a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if the problem is children cannot follow motion with their eyes easily. Or when focusing on things close up. Hurts their eyes.

There is in fact a unique treatment for each problem. And children can have perfect vision. But still have these vision problems. In fact, according to doctors. One in four children have a problem with their vision system.

And the most common vision system problem is convergence insufficiency. And what this is, is the inability to turn the eyes in, in order to focus on things close up.

Therefore, it is not inconceivable at all. That child will be able to see perfect vision, things that are a few feet in front of them. Or farther away. However, they will have to work extremely hard to focus close up.

And still may only see things blurry. Or they may only see things in focus for a few seconds at a time. And this will make working on close up activities very difficult.


Another issue could be an accommodative issue. Which is what it is called, when using the muscles to view things close up. Causes physical pain. In the same way that using a muscle that is rarely used causes pain.

Therefore, children who have this problem. Will need a different treatment. To help build those muscles up. So that they can view things close up. Without causing themselves any pain.

Another issue that children might have. Is an eye tracking issue. Each means they have a difficult time following motion. And while this is easier to spot when children are playing sports.

People also use this skill when they are reading. And if they cannot follow all of the words one right after the other. In a line of text. It may become difficult for children to read a sentence in order.

Therefore, it might take them a long time. Or they may have a significantly reduced comprehension. Therefore, parents should not use the justification that since their child is able to see clearly.

They will not have any issues. And whether they need lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or they need learning how to focus their muscles, or stay focused. By visiting vision by design optometrists.

Children are going to build to get an eye exam that can help diagnose if they have a visual system problem. And then subsequently get the treatment they need to overcome this issue.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children May Have Vision System Problems

One of the most significant things that parents need to keep in mind, is if their child has a vision system problem, such as needing an lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They may not realize they have these problems, until they look at the child’s behaviours.

The reason why this is the case. Is because children are not necessarily going to say that they are having a hard time seeing close up. And the reason why they will not say this.

Is because the way they view everything in their world. Is how they have been seeing things for their entire life. And may not realize that this is not normal.

However, their behaviour might indicate that they are having a problem. Such as avoiding doing the tasks that are hard. Such as avoiding reading, not doing homework. Or not sitting still in class.

And while these behaviours will help the child avoid the task that is difficult, causes them discomfort or pain. What the behaviours typically look like to parents and teachers. Is that they have an inability to focus, or sit still.

In children and up often getting diagnosed as having ADD, ADHD or oppositional defiance disorder. Therefore, when parents are seeing this behaviour in their children.

They should ask themselves if possible that they instead need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Rather than getting treated for these other issues. And even when they could have ADD or ADHD.


Ruling out a visual system problem can be extremely beneficial. To help them truly understand what is going on with their child. However, if it turns out they do have visual system problem.

And simply need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton, or another treatment. That is going to help parents more significantly help their child. Rather than treating for disorder that the child does not have.

Some cues that parents should look for that could indicate problems with the visual system. Is a child that avoids reading whenever possible. However, loves being read to. Whether it is a parent, a sibling or the teacher.

Or, the child will not sit still in school. When they are doing desk work, or quiet reading. But the child has no problem focusing when the task does not require using their eyes close up.

A good example of this, is when the child can focus and concentrate. When they are being given oral instructions, and activities to do. This could indicate that the problem is not an inability to concentrate.

And whether an inability to focus on things that are close up. All of these observations should be brought to the attention of the optometrist giving the child the routine eye exam.

So that they can look for visual system problems. To find out if they have a lazy eye for example. Or if they have other visual system problems that require other treatments.