Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What is a Vision System Problem?

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What is a Vision System Problem?

Often, parents may not realize that their child may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Particularly if their child has already been the optometrist. And have found that they have perfect vision.

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To many people, perfect vision means that they will not have problems with the rest of their visual system. This is actually not the case at all. Because the visual system is very complex.

And involves many different skills and muscles. And just because children can see clearly. Does not mean that they cannot have other problems with other parts of their visual system.

For example, in order to interpret the visual world. Especially in a classroom. Children need to be able to focus up close as well as far away. To read, they need to follow text accurately.

They need to be able to focus far away. And then very quickly up close in order to copy notes from a whiteboard in school. And that they need to be able to jump down to the next line of text below the line they are reading.

In order to read an entire paragraph. And this requires many different skills from focusing far away and up close very quickly. To being able to follow a moving line of text. And then focusing on each word individually quickly.

Therefore, having perfect vision does not mean that they will not have these other problems. And while many children have perfect vision. One in four children, which is 25%.

Have problems significant enough their visual system. To create problems with schoolwork, even when they have perfect vision. And when parents are looking for symptoms of a vision system problem.


They do not know what they are looking for. Or they think their child is going to tell them. That they are having trouble reading, focusing or seeing. But parents may be surprised to realize that their child will not say these things.

Such as a child that has a lazy eye, and needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Children may not know that it is not normal for only one of their eyes to see clearly. And so they will not think to bring attention to it.

In the same thing is true if they are having trouble following a line of text. Or focusing on things up close. This is been their reality for their entire life. And do not know enough, to realize that this is not how they are supposed to be seeing things.

When that is the case, rather than tell their parents that they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for example. They may be very avoidant in their behaviour. And this avoidance is going to be what parents need to watch out for.

Whether they have a lazy eye, and eye tracking issue. Or if they have a convergence insufficiency, or an accommodative issue. They are going to need to watch their child’s behaviour. And then bring their suspicions to there optometrist. To find the right answers.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Are Visual System Problems?

Parents may not realize that problems with their child visual system can manifest in many ways, such as needing a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or having trouble focusing, or following moving objects.

In fact, the visual system is very complex. And have many different ways that people use their vision. And when it comes to children in a classroom setting. Most of the activities in a classroom are geared towards visual learning.

Therefore, when the child has a visual system problem. They are going to struggle quite a bit at school. And 25% of all children are going to struggle because of a visual system problem.

Parents should not wait until their child complains about symptoms. In order to take them in for testing. Because chances are quite high that their child will not complain at all.

The reason why, is because whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if they are suffering from a convergence insufficiency. Or an accommodative issue.

Children do not realize that they are experiencing is not normal. And instead of complaining, will typically just avoid the tasks that cause them discomfort, pain or are hard to do.

Therefore, it is very common for children that have visual system. To initially be diagnosed with oppositional defiance disorder, ADD or ADHD. Because it appears that they will not followed directions.


Or they are unable to focus, or sit still. When all of these are actually behaviours. In response to having a hard time with their visual environment. And when the visual system is treated properly.

They can start engaging in all of the activities that they never could before. Some cues that parents need to look for. That will indicate that their child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton for example.

Instead of being put on medication for ADD and ADHD. Is if their child avoids reading, but loves being ready to buy a parent, sibling or teacher. That means they have the ability to focus.

The just are not focusing when they need to read. Another indication, could be that if a child is reading a paragraph, that they read words in the wrong order, they read exceptionally slowly.

Or they use their finger to help them read. And these are all because they have a hard time following a line of text. When this is the problem, it is a good indication that they need to see an optometrist for visual system test.

If parents or teachers notice that their child is mixing up letters, such as a b and a d. This could also indicate that they have a hard time focusing close up. And should get an eye examination, where the optometrist.

Is looking for visual system problems. And whether they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Or whether they need a convergence insufficiency or an accommodative issue. They are going to be able to get the help they need. To be able to be successful in the visual world.