Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is A Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is A Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, also known as a lazy eye requires treatment, such as lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. What it is, is when there is a problem in the eye brain connection. Unfortunately, the myth persists.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

That amblyopia is caused by one eye. That is lazier than the other. Which causes the problem and eyesight. This has led to a well-intentioned, but ineffective treatment.

Requiring the patient who has amblyopia. To wear a patch over there good eye. So that their lazier I can get stronger. While this works in helping the weaker eye get stronger.

The problem with amblyopia. Is not with the eye itself. But in the eye to brain connection. Therefore, well-intentioned people will patch their child’s stronger eye. In order to help their weaker eye see.

But when the patch is removed. Patients are no better able to see out of both of their eyes. And still struggle, because the connection in their brain has not been fixed.

Eyes function very much like a camera. The best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Will help that camera see the picture. And then develop it properly. The eyes focus on an object. And that object lands as an image.

On the back of an eye, called the retina. The retina carries the information to the brain. And this is where people with amblyopia struggle. The brain is not able to use the information from both eyes.


Therefore, it turns off the vision to one eye. In order to use information that is not confusing. The best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Requires a vision therapist. Prescribing corrective lenses.

That has a stronger prescription for the weaker eye. And making the stronger eye slightly less strong. And that allows an even playing field. So that the brain can start to learn. How to take information from both eyes.

Then the vision therapist. Will work with the child. Going through a series of exercises. Designed to help the eyes work together. And train the brain how to use the information at the same time.

This is often referred to as physiotherapy for the eyes. Typically, patients will come into the office. For half an hour at a time. Once a week in order to go through the exercises.

The benefit of this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is that vision therapists can adjust the difficulty. To match the current ability of the patient. A patient with a very mild case of amblyopia will have the same experience.

As someone who has a very severe case. Because they will both have exercises that can challenge them. And start to train their brain. To use the information from both eyes.

Vision therapists will prepare patients. For coming in for treatments for about six months to a year. However, after about two months. Patients should start to see a bit of an improvement.

If people suspect that their child has amblyopia. And they would like to get a comprehensive exam. All they have to do, is call vision by design in Edmonton.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is Lazy Eye Syndrome

People who have amblyopia, will need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. What amblyopia is, is a condition that affects the eye to brain connection. Causing the patient to only see out of one eye.

This happens, because the brain is unable to use the information from both eyes. Therefore, it turns off the vision in one eye. This one eye is often referred to as the lazy eye.

However, despite the name lazy eye. This is not to caused by an eye. That is refusing to work properly. It is caused rather, by an disconnect in the brain. Where the brain is unable to use the information from both eyes.

This can be corrected with the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. But the first step, is getting their child in for a vision exam. This needs to be done by a vision therapist at their office.

It is more comprehensive than a standard eye exam. Testing how well the patient can see out of each eye. The comprehensive vision exam. Is anywhere between an hour, to an hour and a half.

To allow the vision therapist the opportunity. To do as many diagnostic tests and measurements as they need. To find out exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain. Once they have completed the exam.

Not only will the vision therapist be able to diagnose the patient. But they will come up with the best treatment. Whether it is corrective lenses, vision therapy. Or a combination of both at the same time.


Parents of children who are suspected to have amblyopia, or lazy eye. Needs to keep in mind. That while vision therapists are also optometrists. Not every optometrist is a vision therapist.

Which requires finding the right professional to give the test. And make a diagnosis as well as treatment. While across Canada, people can look at the optometrists Canada website.

For a comprehensive list of all vision therapist’s in their area. However, people in the Edmonton area. Can simply call vision by design in Edmonton. They have a full-service optometrist clinic.

But also, several vision therapists on staff. That can test, diagnose. As well as give a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for the patients who need it. Once patients have received the diagnosis.

It is very important that not only do they come in every single week for their vision therapy session. They also must be willing. To do any additional homework. That the vision therapist gives the patient.

This is usually fifteen minutes of additional exercises. Five times a week. To ensure that the patient can progress. And able to see, within the treatment time.

The goal will be to correct the missed connection. In the eye brain connection. However, even after the treatment is over. Some patients still require corrective lenses. However, this is still a huge improvement.