Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Visual System Problems

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Visual System Issues

Even if parents know that their child has perfect vision, that does not mean that they cannot have visual system problems, and require things like lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because the visual system is very complex. And just because they have perfect vision. Does not mean children cannot have visual problems.

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In fact, good vision is not just seeing clearly. And 80% of learning is visually based. Therefore, if children have issues with one part of their visual system. That could drastically impede their ability to read and learn.

In fact, doctors that vision by design say that many different visual skills are actually required. In order to read, and learn in a classroom setting. And when people have visual problems.

Their ability to learn in a classroom setting, and read is affected. And they do not have the ability to articulate what their problem is. Which will often have them being labelled as lazy, or not being able to pay attention.

Because they avoid doing work that is hard, causes them pain. Due to a problem with their visual system. in these cases, parents need to be aware. Of what different visual system problems are.

And how their children might be acting, if they have a problem with their visual system. So that they can get their child to an optometrist to do an examination. In order to find out if they have a problem with their visual system.

Take reading for example, not only do children need to have good vision to see the words on the page clearly. They also need to be able to focus, close up on each individual word, with both eyes.

Then, in order to read successfully. People must be able to move their eyes from one word, to the next without losing their place. And without losing focus. These require many different skills.


And one in four children actually have problems with their visual system. Requiring in a lazy eye treatment Edmonton or another treatment for the visual system.

And while many parents might think that their child is going to say that they do not like reading because it hurts their eyes. Or because they have double or blurred vision. This is actually not the case.

The biggest reason why children are not going to speak up and say anything. Is because whatever they see is their normal. And therefore, they do not realize that what they are seeing is problematic.

They simply will avoid doing the activities that cause them discomfort or pain. Therefore, when parents notice that their child is avoiding near work. Like reading and writing that is a warning sign.

When this is the case, they should bring their child to vision by design. So that they can find the right diagnosis, and therefore treatment. Such as if their child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

The benefit of vision by design, is they do not have just optometrists on staff. They actually have vision therapists as well. And can make an automatic referral, if the optometrists see problems in the child’s visual system.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Looking at Visual System Problems

When parents are sending their child off to school, they should watch for issues that may require them finding the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because their child might have a visual system problem. That did not become obvious until their child went off to school.

In fact, one in four children have a visual system problem. That is not related to requiring corrective lenses to see clearly. And there are many ways that the visual system can be affected.

Parents should keep in mind that 80% of learning is visual based. And learning requires many different visual skills. Such as focusing close up, eye tracking, and being able to move quickly between objects.

One common visual system problem is convergence insufficiency. Also known as binoculars vision. And this actually refers to people not being able to turn their eyes in such a way.

To allow them to focus on things close up. Therefore, they might try to focus on things close up, and only see blurred or double vision. Or they can focus, but only for short periods of time.

Children who have this issue may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they can focus, but it takes extra effort. And they might avoid reading to avoid developing the eyestrain associated with convergence insufficiency.

Or they might try, and be unable to completely focus. And then they will have double vision. Which will affect their ability to comprehend what they are reading. Without understanding that what they are seeing is not normal.


Another visual deficiency problem is accommodative issues. When people are looking things far away, their eye muscles are relaxed. However, as they start looking at things that are closer.

They must focus their eyes and use their eye muscles more. And this could cause children to develop physical pain in their eyes. Associated with fatigued muscles.

This would require finding the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. But the first step, is getting the right diagnosis. And that can happen by making an appointment with vision by design.

The reason why they should go to vision by design, is because not only do they have optometrists on staff. But they also have therapists as well. Can receive the referral instantly, when a child is diagnosed with having visual system problem.

Not only will they be able to find the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for that child. But they will also be able to come up with a plan to treat them in office. For the convenience of the child and parents.

When parents realize that it is possible for their child to have perfect vision. But also a visual system problem. They will be able to keep their eyes open for the behaviours. That might suggest they have issues.

Such as avoidance of work, taking a very long time to do their homework. Or using their finger to keep their place when they are reading. And when they realize this, they can get the child the help they need.