Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Visual System Issues

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Identifying Visual System Issues

When children have visual system problems, they might need something more than a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And the first step, is finding out if they have a visual deficiency. And if they do, what the best treatment will be for them.

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And while many parents think that if their child has a problem focusing. That they have a lazy eye, which would require a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. But in fact, the vision therapists at vision by design say.

That there are many different visual system problems that children can have. And visual system is a very complex system. And they can have many different things that are causing them issues.

In the first step to getting the right diagnosis, is bringing children into vision by design in order to get a regular examination. Where the parents will share their concerns with the therapist on staff.

And after the examination, if they see any problems. That they think deserve more attention. They can refer to the patient over to the vision therapist on staff immediately.

So that they can start finding answers for the parent, and the child. In fact, vision problems in children are a lot more common than many people realize.

And one in four children have problems significant enough their visual system. To cause problems in school, and require the right treatment. Whether it is a lazy eye treatment Edmonton, or something slightly different.

And this is a situation where parents are going to need to be a great advocate for their child. Because their child is not going to come right out and say they have a problem focusing when they read.


Or they have double vision when they read. And the reason why they will not come out and savings words. Is first, because they do not know what they are experiencing is not normal.

Therefore, they simply have a hard time, or causes them discomfort. And they think that that is how it is supposed to be. And do not complain about it.

In fact, rather than being vocal about the problem. They tend to avoid doing things that cause them problems. Or are hard to do, which cause people to assume that they are lazy, or do not pay attention.

And it is quite common, that children that have visual deficiencies. Our first diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. But the problem is not that they cannot pay attention.

The problem is that they cannot see clearly. And a great indication that they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And not an ADD or ADHD treatment.

Is when they can pay attention and follow directions. For other things in their life, that do not require their visual attention. And if they can pay attention or follow directions here.

Then chances are they have visual system problem, and not ADD or ADHD. Therefore, when parents have concerns about their child’s school work. They should vision by design for an eye exam first.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Some Visual System Issues

When children have visual system issues, many parents think that they simply need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, the visual system is extremely complex. And there may be many different things that could potentially be causing their problems.

Rather than jumping to conclusions, and assuming that they just need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Parents can take their child to vision by design for an eye exam.

The reason why they should come to that optometrists clinic. Is because not only did they have optometrists on staff. But they also have vision therapists.

And during a routine eye exam, if they see or hear anything that is particularly troubling. Or makes them believe that the patient should see a vision therapist. They will be able to make the referral immediately.

Not only can the vision therapist examine and diagnose a wide variety of vision problems in the child’s. But the treatment that they come up with, can be done in the office. Allowing parents to help their child.

Without forcing them to take them to a special treatment centre, in a part of the city that they are unfamiliar with. Therefore, parents who are concerned with their children should make a routine eye exam the first place to look.

Because the visual system is very complex. And in order to read, take notes and learn. Children need to use many different visual skills. If anyone of those skills is not functioning properly.


They will have an inability to read and learn effectively. Therefore, parents need to be aware of how many different visual systems are used for the simple act of reading.

The first thing that children have to do perfectly in order to read, is focus close up. Because they need to be focused on the word that they are going to read. Which require them to have the ability.

The focus close up. And the ability to not focus close up is called convergence insufficiency. If they cannot focus close up, they might see blurred vision or double vision.

Or they might have physical discomfort when they read. Another problem is they must move from one word to the next, so they must move their eyes. But also stay focused on the next word.

Therefore, if they have a problem with eye tracking, or they have a problem with an accommodative issue. Which is focusing up close. Reading becomes very difficult task for children to do.

And then, they must follow the entire line of the paragraph. If they have a hard time following motion. They can have a hard time reading. These are just three problems that could go wrong.

When there is more that could potentially go wrong with the visual system. Therefore, parents need to get their children’s I examined. Before jumping to the conclusion that they simply need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

And when they are able to bring them in for an exam. They will be able to get them the help they need. To avoid having problems when they are school.