Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy Is Very Important

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy Is Very Important

Many parents who see that their child is avoiding schoolwork, might need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Rather than assume, that their child is simply lazy, or avoiding homework and schoolwork.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Often, parents think that their child is going to tell them. They are having trouble seeing, when they have a vision syndrome. But this simply is not the case. The way the child is seeing things.

Such as having trouble reading, with blurred vision. Or double vision. When they are doing schoolwork. Is their normal, because that is how they have always seen the world. And instead of telling their parents.

That they are having a hard time seeing and reading. It is very common, for children to simply avoid. Doing the activities that cause them fatigue, or headaches. Such as reading, either in their book at their desk.

Or trying to follow along words on a board at the front of the room in their school. In fact, many children who have vision syndromes. Actually get diagnosed with ADHD first. Because parents and teachers to make the assumption.

That they are having trouble concentrating. Instead of having trouble seeing and reading. In fact, vision syndromes, such as amblyopia and strabismus. Are extremely common in childhood. With one in four children, having a vision syndrome.

When this is the case, they typically need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to help them overcome their struggles. Parents should not make the assumption as well.


That this is something that their child will outgrow. Because if they do not get the right treatment. What will happen, is that the brain will simply turn off vision to one eye permanently.

And while the child will stop seeing double, or seeing blurred vision. That is because they are no longer see out of both of their eyes. And it is less likely that they are going to be able to get that vision back.

When enough time has passed. Therefore, finding the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. To help their child see clearly. Is important. And necessary to do quickly.

When way that parents can help their child. Is simply to make an appointment. With an accredited vision therapist. To do a comprehensive vision exam. This takes approximately an hour, to an hour and a half.

To let the vision therapist do the measurements, and tests necessary. To find out if the child does have a vision syndrome. If so which one. And how bad it is.

If they do have amblyopia, the end of their examination. They will put together the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That will be able to help their child learn how to use both of their eyes at the same time.

And train their brain, how to take the information from both eyes at the same time. While all vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists are vision therapists. They will be able to get the help they need. By contacting vision by design in Edmonton.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy Is Very Important To Children

Vision syndromes are very serious, and can require a child undergoing a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Especially if they are found to have amblyopia.

Amblyopia is the medical term for lazy eye syndrome. And unlike what many people used to assume. It is not caused by one I being weaker than the other. But rather, a problem in the eye to brain connection.

For example, what happens when someone has lazy eye syndrome. Is that their brain is unable. To process the information that it receives. From both of the retinas, therefore in order to minimize its confusion.

It will simply turn off vision to one of the eyes. In order to have half the information to process. Making it easy for the brain to do this very complex task very quickly. However, this will result.

In children having a hard time seeing things. Particularly text, since many of the visual skills. Needed for reading, such as eye tracking. Require both eyes to be working well together. And seeing clearly.

Therefore, the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That will help the child see clearly. Is first of all, getting prescription lenses. That will help make the weaker I. As strong as possible.

So that the vision therapist. Will have an easier time reading the child through exercises. Designed to train the brain. How to use the information from both of their eyes at the same time.


Vision therapy is approximately done in half an hour sessions. And is compared to physiotherapy, but for the eyes instead of for body. The vision therapist will take the child through exercises.

Based on how severe their vision syndrome is. And as they are able to improve. The vision therapist will increase the level of difficulty. So that they are constantly improving through their vision therapy.

And’s will typically be able to see improvement, in only a few months. And get symptom resolution. Within about one year of vision therapy sessions. However, if people are just in seeing faster results.

They can always do some self-guided exercises. That there vision therapist gives them. At home, for about fifteen minutes a day. Five days a week. When people are looking for this type of lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their children.

They can contact an accredited vision therapist. And while all vision therapists. Are optometrists. Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which means it is going to be more difficult. Then simply calling an optometrist clinic.

For parents in Edmonton, it is very easy. Because all they have to do. Is reach out to vision by design in Edmonton. Calling the office, they can arrange a complementary consultation with the vision therapist.

Or, simply schedule a comprehensive vision exam. To help find out if their child has a vision syndrome. And if so, which one. And what treatment is going to be most beneficial for them.