Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision System Problems

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision System Problems

When parents get their child’s eyes checked, they may never think that they would have to find a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for them. Because they think if they have perfect vision. That they will not have problems seeing.

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Unfortunately this is not the case. Because the visual system is very complex. And depends on many different muscles, and types of vision. That if one of those systems is not working properly.

It can make processing the visual world for child very difficult. Especially in a classroom setting. Because reading, writing and learning in a classroom setting. Requires a wide variety of visual skills.

Therefore, they might have perfect I, and still need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or they might have perfect vision. And develop eyestrain when they are focusing.

And they can even have perfect vision, but have a hard time following motion. And while this can affect a child’s performance in sports, gym class or as they move through the world.

Many people may not also realize. That looking at motion is a skill required for reading. As they follow a line of text. And read each word, and then jumped down in the paragraph to continue reading.

Therefore, when children are reading in a classroom setting. And they have one of their visual systems that is not functioning. Even if they have been told that they have perfect vision.

Does not mean they are not going to have a problem in school. But the biggest problem with this. Is that they are not going to articulate these problems in so many words. Because they will not realize that anything is wrong.


When a child has a lazy eye, and needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They do not tell their parent that they see blurred out of one eye. They just assume that that is how lies work.

Because they have never experienced anything other than what they are experiencing now. And whether they have a hard time focusing up close. Or following moving objects with their eyes.

They do not realize that something is going on and they might need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another vision therapy program. Because this is the child’s normal, for as long as they can remember.

And when children are reading, they need to be able to focus close up. And quickly move from looking at one word, to the next and then refocus very quickly. And then follow all of those words in a line of text.

And there is actually many different visual systems that they use in a classroom setting. Such as copying notes on a blackboard into a page on their desk. That if they have one problem wrong with their visual system.

They are not going to excel in school. And parents are going to need to figure out what is going on. They can do this, by asking the optometrist to look for problems with their visual system. In order to find out if their child’s difficulties in school are caused by their vision problems.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Common Vision System Problems

Many parents might assume that their child will not need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another vision treatment. If they take their child for regular eye exams. And particularly if they have perfect vision.

But there is a huge difference in being able to focus during an eye exam. When they are looking at things that are typically far in front of them. And being able to do close-up work for sustained amount of time.

And when there is a problem wrong with one aspect of a child’s visual system. They might be able to focus far away. Because when they are looking far away, their eye muscles are the most relaxed.

Or they can focus for short amounts of time, such as in an eye exam. But there are many different things that could be going on with their visual system. That would cause them to have perfect vision in an exam.

But want to avoid doing near work, homework or reading. Therefore, when a child starts exhibiting an aversion to near work at home and at school. As well as avoiding reading, or completing assignments.

Parents should question whether to bring their child in to an optometrist. In order to get their visual system checked. Such as vision by design in Edmonton.

Who will look for problems with the child’s visual system. And they have a vision therapist on staff. Which means if there child exhibits signs of problems with their visual system.


The vision therapist will be able to see them right away. And schedule them back in for more diagnostic tests. The find out if they have an eye tracking issue, and accommodative issue or convergence insufficiency.

Or if they potentially have a lazy eye, that would require a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. When these issues are discovered. Then the therapist and the parents can come up with the right treatment for the child’s.

So that they can overcome these challenges. So that the child can start using their entire visual system correctly. So that they do not struggle in a classroom setting.

Convergence insufficiency is the single most common visual system problem in children. And what this refers to, is the inability for a child to move their eye muscles properly to look at things close-up.

It is called binoculars vision, simply because children can see best when their eyes are focusing far away, and straight ahead. And they could very easily score perfect on an eye exam.

The right treatment involves therapy that will help them learn how to focus their eyes properly. And with practice, they will avoid having eyestrain. Whether it is this, or needing a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Getting the right diagnosis can help parents find the right treatment for their child. So that they can overcome their visual system problems. And process the visual world around them effectively.