Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Syndromes Affect Learning

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Syndromes Affect Learning

If a child is struggling in school, it is possible they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they may have amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. It is the most common vision syndrome of childhood.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Causing a child not to be able to see out of one eye. And losing many visual skills because of it. Not only will they lose depth perception. They will also lose the ability to track motion with their eye.

That affects them on the playground, and during physical education. But also, many people may not realize. That I tracking is used in reading. Therefore, if they are struggling in school.

It is a good idea to find a vision therapist. In order to get a comprehensive vision exam. Unlike a standard eye exam. This is a much more in-depth examination. That will allow a vision therapist.

To discover what is going on in the patient’s eyes. As well as the patient’s brain. Because many vision syndromes. Are caused by missing or broken connections. In the brain to I connection.

Many people assume that lazy eye syndrome, is caused by week I muscles. In fact, the name lazy eye, was created. When therapists from many years ago. Thought that this vision syndrome was caused by week I muscles.

This is why the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton of the day. Was simply patching the strong eye. In order to strengthen the weaker I muscles. However, while most children hated this treatment.


Those that were able to get their child to completed. Would find that their child was no better able. To use both eyes at the same time. Then they were before this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

This is because lazy eye, or medically known as amblyopia. Is not caused by week I muscles. But rather, a disconnect in the eye to brain connection. This happens, during the child’s initial brain development in utero.

But because of the brain’s amazing neuro- plasticity. It can overcome this challenge. By going through guided exercise with the vision therapist. When the child performs these exercises. They are essentially retraining their brain.

How to use both eyes. And over time, approximately half a year to a full year. The brain will learn how to use the information from both eyes. In order to help the child see clearly. And no longer struggle.

When parents are looking for a vision therapist. To help their child get this treatment. They may be having a difficult time. Finding the right optometrist. Because while all vision therapists start out as optometrists.

Not all optometrists have this skill or ability. If parents are in Edmonton. All they have to do, is call vision by design. Located in West Edmonton, not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic.

But they also have several vision therapists on staff. That will be happy to complete comprehensive vision exams. And diagnose, and treat children that may have vision syndromes.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Syndromes Unfortunately Affect Learning

Vision syndromes require treatment, such as amblyopia need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And while many vision syndromes. Are easy to diagnose. Because parents or teachers can see that the eyes are not aligned.

Not all vision syndromes are this obvious. And parents should not assume. That if their child’s eyes are aligned. That they automatically do not have a vision syndrome. If they are struggling in school.

This is a very good indication. That it is time to get them a comprehensive vision exam. Performed by a vision therapist. In fact, it is considered best practices. For parents of children of five or six years of age.

To simply get a vision exam done. Proactively, to rule out vision syndromes. Because a child, who has never experienced the vision any other way. May not speak up and say they have a hard time reading.

However, the struggles that they have. Because of having something like amblyopia. Can cause them to have difficulty. And finding this out early. Is the key to getting the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that can help them.

However, while the name lazy eye. Suggests that the problem is in the eye itself. This is not the case. It is a missed connection in the brain. That causes the brain to be confused when processing the visual information.

When the eyes open, light carries visual information into the eye. And lands on the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina is what carries this visual information to the brain stem for processing.


It is the brain stems job to carry this visual information. To the various parts of the brain that will use it. People should keep in mind, that there are thirty-two centres of the brain that use vision.

And three hundred connections in the brain. That require vision for some parts of their function. For example, walking down the street. Requires vision. To see where people are going. As well as to avoid obstacles.

However, people who need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Have a problem with their brainstem. Being able to send this visual information to the various parts of the brain.

The brain, trying to cope. Simply turns off vision to one of the eyes. And automatically has half the visual information to process. While it makes the brain’s job easier, and eliminates confusion.

It also turns off the vision for the child. Who no longer can see out of that eye. And loses visual skills such as depth perception and eye tracking. This is what causes them to struggle in school.

When parents take their child for comprehensive vision exam from a qualified vision therapist. They will be able to get the diagnosis that they need. To find them the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

To help them overcome this vision syndrome. And see clearly, not just for school. But for everything else they need their eyesight for in life.