Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems Are Common

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems Are Common

When parents think of vision problems and treatments in their children, they often think of the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Being that of patching their children’s eyes. However, many advancements have been made in treating many different vision problems, especially in children.

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Therefore, vision therapists no longer use patches to treat lazy eyes. And even if their child has other vision problems such as accommodative issues, convergence insufficiency, or eye tracking issues.

These are all very treatable, once the right diagnosis is made. However, getting the right diagnosis can be more difficult than many parents assume.

The reason why it is not as easy to diagnose vision problems in children. Because unlike a lazy eye, that is easy to see. And therefore easy to find the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

With other issues, such as convergence insufficiency. Children are not going to be able to tell their parents or their teachers. That they have a hard time seeing things.

And the reason why, is because they do not realize that anything is wrong with them. How they see their world, as how they have always seen their world. And do not realize that anything else is normal.

In fact, when it comes to the classroom. 80% of learning is visual. And any kind of vision problem that is untreated. Can significantly impact the child’s ability to learn.

However, when children are having a hard time with vision problems. It may not be as easy to notice. Especially when parents have already taken their child to their annual eye exam. And find out that their child has perfect vision.


Because 25% of all children that have vision problems also have perfect vision. The parents need to understand that vision problems are using different visual skills.

And their child can have perfect vision as well as need something like a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Therefore, the easiest way to figure out what is going on with the child.

Is to look at their behaviours. And know what the behaviours mean. The biggest red flag that vision therapists tell parents and teachers to watch for in children. Is avoiding near work, and having a lack of attention to visual tasks.

Children who have vision problems are often diagnosed with having ADD or ADHD. But the problem is not that they are lacking the ability to pay attention. Or that they are hyperactive.

The problem is doing close work, such as reading. Is painful, difficult or very irritating to their eyes. And they can develop eyestrain. Therefore, avoidance is a coping mechanism to avoid pain and irritation.

If parents suspect that their child has a vision problem. Or if they do not think there diagnosis of ADD or ADHD is quite accurate. They can bring their child into an optometrist that has a vision therapist on staff.

Such as vision by design in Edmonton. Because they will be able to take the parents concerns, and to do a standard eye exam. And if they suspect their child has any problems.

Can bring the vision therapist in. And whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or a different vision treatment. They will be able to get that for their child right away.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Visual Issues Are Common

Vision problems in children are more common than many parents may realize, and whether their child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or a different treatment. Getting the right diagnosis is key.

The single most common vision problem in children. Is convergence insufficiency. And children can suffer from this vision problem. Even if they have perfect vision.

Therefore it is very important for parents to not be clouded. By their child’s perfect vision in their last eye exam. Because they could potentially have a vision problem at the same time.

This is because in order to process the visual world around them. People use many different visual skills. Take reading as an example, people need to have more than just perfect vision in order to read.

They need to be able to focus on things that are close up. And then very quickly move their eye, successfully finding the next word. And then focusing it very quickly.

And repeat this a number of times until they read every single word. And then move their eyes to the very next line, below the one that they are working on successfully to keep reading.

This moving the eyes, focusing and finding the right words and lines. Takes a number of different I motions and skills. Therefore, if a child has perfect vision. But one of those skills is not functioning properly.


They can have a very difficult time learning, especially in a classroom environments. And if a child has a lazy eye, a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton can help them significantly.

Parents also need to understand. That if they have a problem with any of the other visual skills. The right treatment is just as easy, and can significantly help their child. Process the visual world around them.

A convergence insufficiency is the most common vision problem in children. And it refers to not being able to turn their eyes inward. In order to focus on things close up.

Children with convergence insufficiency tend to see things that are close up very blurry. Or they can focus on them, but not for very long. Therefore they go from in focus to blurry very quickly.

And this can be very irritating to their eyes. And they can develop eyestrain when they try to focus when they have convergence insufficiency. Therefore, avoiding the tasks will be there coping mechanism.

It does not matter what kind of eye problem children have. The first step is getting to an optometrist that has a vision therapist on staff. Such as vision by design and Edmonton.

And whether they need to get a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their child, or another type of treatment or therapy. Going to vision by design will be how parents can start helping their child.