Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Treating Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Treating Vision Syndromes

There are many vision syndromes, such as lazy I, that need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. The best thing to do, if parents suspect that their child has a vision syndrome. Will be to contact a vision therapist.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

This is because they will be able to conduct a comprehensive vision exam. Which is much more in-depth than a standard eye exam. That is designed only to find out how well the patient is able to see out of their eyes.

Because often, a routine eye exam. Will determine that a child can see clearly out of their eyes. Will not diagnose vision syndrome. Because this vision exam is much more in-depth.

Parents should prepare for an hour, to an hour and a half. Which will allow the vision therapist the time they need. To do all of the tests, and measurements. That will help them understand.

Exactly what is going on with the patients eyes. But also what is going on in the patient’s brain. Since many vision syndromes, are caused by a disconnect in the eye to brain connection.

Once they have completed the examination. Not only will they have a diagnosis for the child. Such as amblyopia, which is the medical name for lazy eye. They will also have the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for them as well.

What causes lazy eye, also known as an amblyopia. Is a disconnect in the brain. The eyes will take in visual information. And using the retinas, send that visual information to the brain for processing.


Since there is a lot of visual information. There are many different centres of the brain – 32 to be exact. That are required for processing vision. As well as three hundred connections in the brain that use vision in some way.

Therefore, this is an extremely large job. And in patients that have amblyopia. This part of the brain is not functioning properly. The brain is confused, and is unable to effectively deal with the large amount of visual information.

That is being sent to it, whenever the eyes are open. And taking in the visual information. About the environment around them. Therefore, in order to be less confused. The brain simply turns off vision to one eye.

That way, it will have half the visual information to process. Be able to process that information effectively once again. However, while the brain is no longer confused. The child with this syndrome.

Loses eyesight in one eye. As well as all of the visual skills. That depend on having two eyes. This includes losing their depth perception. As well as their eye tracking skills.

That is used in sports, and reading. They may even appear to be clumsy, because they have a harder time. Navigating their world. Therefore, finding the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton is important.

They can do this, by calling vision by design in Edmonton. And arranging a vision exam by a vision therapist on staff. If parents are concerned about their child. They should make the call today in order to find them the help they need.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Treating Vision Syndromes Takes Knowledge

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because this is not a vision syndrome. That children are going to outgrow on their own. In fact, the sooner it can get diagnosed and treated.

The sooner the child is going to be able to stop struggling. To do things like play sports, read. And navigate the world around them. However, many parents are not sure exactly where to turn to get help for their child.

Or, they may hesitate finding help for their child. Because the suspect that their child has amblyopia. And remember the treatment that was once used for lazy eyes when they were a child.

The lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that used to be used. To treat children with amblyopia, or lazy eyes. Was putting a patch over the strong eye. In order to strengthen the muscles of the weaker I.

Most children hate this method. Because they do not like having their strong eye covered. And usually end up fighting with their parents. And dripping off their eye patch.

Parents, tired of fighting with their child. Would usually quit treatment as well. However, for people who did stick with this treatment. Would find that it would be ineffective at solving the vision syndrome.


Therefore, vision therapists are no longer using patching. In order to treat amblyopia. Because it is ineffective. The reason why, is because it is not a problem with the muscles of the eye being week.

But instead, a disconnect in the brain. Therefore, parents should not be concerned about having to patch their child. Instead, will find out about vision therapy, which is often called physiotherapy for the eyes.

If they contact a vision therapist. Such as the professionals at vision by design in Edmonton. They will be able to get a comprehensive vision exam. That will help diagnose their child.

But also, come up with the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for them. Typically, treatment will include corrective is. That will make the weaker I much stronger.

And the strong eye the less strong. So that the visual information that both eyes are seeing very similar to each other. Then, a vision therapist will be able to use special exercises with the patient.

To train them to use both eyes at the same time. And then train their brain, to take the information from both eyes and process it accurately. This is possible, due to the neural plasticity of the brain.

If parents would like more information on this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or, a vision exam that can help diagnose their child. All they have to do is reach out to the vision therapist’s at vision by design by phone. And arrange an examination that will help them.