Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students With Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students With Vision Syndromes

Amblyopia requires a lazy eye treatment Edmonton quickly. Because while it is one of the most common. Vision syndromes of childhood. It is also one that will become permanent. If not treated quickly.

Parents should understand what amblyopia is. And why finding that lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Quickly is of the utmost importance. Unlike what many people assume. That it is caused by and I with week, or so-called lazy muscles.

This actually is not the cause of the vision syndrome. It is unfortunately, a symptom of it. With people who have amblyopia. The problem is in the eye to brain connection. Because the connection is missing or damaged.

The brain has a hard time. Sorting the vast amount. Of visual information it receives. From both eyes at the same time. Therefore, in order to make its job easier. The brain simply turns off. The vision to one eye.

Subsequently, the brain can process. The visual information more effectively. Which means instead of being functionally blind. The patient can see out of one eye. Although that vision can be problematic.

Causing the patient to have blurred vision. Double vision, or other I irritating issues. That may cause them eyestrain. Gives them headaches, or have other problems. Therefore, it is not a perfect solution.

And when it is discovered. That the child has a problem. Finding the problem. Is very important. Especially to do so quickly. So that not only can they find the right lazy eye treatment Edmonton. To fix the problem.

But also, so that the child will be able. To not struggle in school. And not fall behind, or start to dislike school. Because they have a hard time. And are falling behind their peers.


The first thing that parents should do. If there child’s teacher suspects. That they likely will need vision therapy. Is get them in for an assessment. The assessment will last about an hour and a half.

And is much more in-depth than a routine eye exam. In fact, many parents are sceptical. That their child has a vision syndrome. Because they have already scored perfect vision. On a routine eye exam.

However, and eye exam tests vision. A static distance away One distance away. And a static image. Whereas the vision exam will measure. Their visual skills. Such as eye tracking as one example.

The vision therapist must make many measurements. As well as engage in many exercises. With the patient in order to find out. If they have a vision syndrome. If so, which one.

And if they have amblyopia for example. They will need to put together. The best treatment. For that patient. The level of severity of their vision syndrome. And whether or not they need corrective lenses.

It is extremely important for parents. To do this quickly, because if their child. Gets to old. Then they will likely be stuck. With this vision syndrome. And it will be less likely. To be able to be fixed.

Parents can contact vision by design optometry. Located in west Edmonton. They have a full optometry clinic. And vision therapists on staff.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children With Vision Syndromes

It is very common for children to need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. However, parents should not worry. That they are going to have to put an eyepatch. On their child’s good I.

While this was a lazy eye treatment Edmonton years ago. This is not something that vision therapists. Do any longer. For many reasons. While the name, lazy eye. Conger’s up ideas of the eye being week and lazy.

This is a misnomer. Amblyopia is actually the medical name. For this condition. And while many therapists once thought. That this was caused by weaker I muscles. They now know this is not the case.

Rather than the week I muscles causing the amblyopia. Week I muscles are actually a symptom. Of this vision syndrome. The actual problem. It lies in the eye to brain connection.

What happens, is that during the brains development. Before the child is even born. The connection between the eyes and the brain. Does not form correctly. Therefore, the brain has a difficult time.

Processing the visual information. In order to understand. How this happens. People need to understand. The connection between the brain and the eyes. A great example of this.

Is understanding that the eyes. Taken visual information. Through the cornea. Which is the front of the eye. And lands on the back of the eye. Where the retina is. The retina connects the eyes to the brain.


And carries the visual information. From both eyes at the same time. To the brainstem. Which is responsible for sending. The visual information. Where it needs to go with.

This is a very complex job. Partially because every second. That a person has their eyes open. The brain is sorting a large amount of information. Not just from one source. But from to sources.

Then, people should consider. How many parts of the brain. Deal with vision in some regard. There are thirty-two connections. That deal specifically with vision. And three hundred connections.

That deal with vision in a secondary way. When a patient needs lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The brain is having a hard time processing. The vast amount of visual information. And to compensate.

The brain turns off vision to one eye. This condition is now called amblyopia. And the only way a patient can resolve its. Is by getting the right lazy eye treatment Edmonton. It usually will involve prescription lenses.

To help the weaker I become stronger. Once the weaker I is stronger. The vision therapist can lead the patient. Through a series of exercises. Designed to help train the brain. How to use the visual information. It receives from both eyes, at the same time. This should take six months to a year. And if patients are looking for a great vision therapist. They should contact vision by design optometry. They have qualified vision therapists. Who be happy to assess, diagnose. And treat patients for any vision syndrome.