Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students With Amblyopia

Lazy eye treatment Edmonton | Students With Amblyopia

One thing that many teachers are trained help find, is lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The reason why, is because 80%. Of learning in a classroom. Is visually based, according to experts.

Therefore, since so many visual skills. Are used, and tested. Teachers need to be aware. If their students are struggling. And make some educated guesses. About why they might be struggling.

One very common problem. That teachers encounter in their classroom. Is not knowing if a student needs. A lazy eye treatment Edmonton for example. Or if they have ADHD, since both conditions.

Actually have a lot of the same symptoms. For example, symptoms of amblyopia. Which is the medical name for lazy eye. Include people avoiding near work. Such as reading, as well as writing.

Or, if they do engage in those activities. They are careless. And do not pay attention to the small details. What allows a teacher. To decide if they should get a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Suggested for their pupils.

Or whether they should suggest and ADHD assessment. Comes down to learning all about the behaviours. Particularly in a classroom setting. For example, researchers recommend.

That if teachers want to decipher if the symptoms. That they are witnessing in their students. Are more likely based on visual problems. Or brain connection problems. What they can do, is ask students to pay attention.

Two a story that they are reading out loud. Children who have ADHD. And have a difficult time paying attention. Are going to not pay attention. To the story that is being read to them. Meanwhile, children who need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.


Simply because they have an eye problem. Will pay attention to the spoken word. Because it is not paying attention that is the problem. But the eye to brain connection instead.

This is why it is very important. For teachers to communicate. With parents on a regular basis. They can bring up any concerns. On a students behaviour, to their parents. Who can take the appropriate action.

In the case of amblyopia, the action that parents should take. Is booking in to a visual therapist’s office. For comprehensive vision examination. This is actually much different says experts. Then a routine eye exam.

Which is typically about half an hour. And only tests vision. A certain distance away. And does not pay attention. To visual skills, such as eye tracking. And following moving objects.

As well as looking at the student. Focusing far away, and up close. In fact, the assessment for a vision syndrome. Will take approximately ninety minutes in comparison. And parents should be aware of this.

When parents are looking for a great vision therapist. That they can take their child to foreign assessment. They should look no further than vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. However, booking in an appointment.

Must be done over the phone, due to the highly specialized nature. Of the examinations. Parents who are looking for more information. Can call the office any time. Between eight thirty in the morning, and four thirty in the afternoon. Monday through Saturday.

Lazy eye treatment Edmonton | Learning With Amblyopia

Many parents are concerned that their child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. And are incredibly nervous. To get their child this treatment. Because they have had experience.

With amblyopia in their past. Perhaps they, a sibling. Or even a friend. Had amblyopia. Or as it is also known, lazy eye syndrome. And had to wear an eyepatch. This unfortunately was a common treatments.

Not that long ago. The understanding behind this treatment. Was that parents would place the eyepatch. On the child’s good I. In order to force the weaker eye to become stronger.

This would lead to several arguments, and fights, because children. Would effectively be blind. Until their weaker eye became stronger. In most cases, researchers noted.

That children would eventually. Abandon this treatment. Because the parents were no longer willing. To put up a fight with their child. Any longer than they had to. Fortunately, this is not a bad thing.

Because patching as a treatment for amblyopia. Is effectively useless. While it works in strengthening the weaker I. Children with amblyopia have a disconnect. In their eye to brain connection.

And making that weaker eye strong. Does nothing to help them use both of the eyes together. In order to see clearly. Therefore, patching when used to completion. Did nothing to help the patient see. Out of both of their eyes.

Nowadays, vision therapists do not use patching. In order to treat amblyopia. But rather a combination. Of lenses, and vision therapy. Vision therapy can last approximately half an hour.


And for most lazy eye treatment Edmonton sessions. Patients should come in for about six months to a year. In order to resolve all of their symptoms. In milder cases, the treatment that people need.

May be as simple as glasses, with a prescription, a tent. Or prisms in the lenses that solve the problem. And the vision therapy, if needed. Can be set at each individual’s level and abilities.

With the vision therapist increasing level of difficulty. As the patient progresses. And strengthens their eye. And heals the eye to brain connection.

If parents are concerned that their child has amblyopia. And are concerned about what type of lazy eye treatment Edmonton they need. All they have to do is contact vision by design optometry. Located in West Edmonton. While they are a full-service optometry clinic.

They also have vision therapists on staff. Who are more than happy. To assess, diagnose. And treat people. With all manners of vision syndromes. Their goal will be to heal the eye to brain connection.

That is actually responsible for their vision syndrome. And if parents think that it is not very likely. That their child actually has a vision syndrome. They should be aware that 25%. Of all children struggle at one point in their life. With one kind of vision syndrome or another.