Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students Vision Troubles

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students Vision Troubles

It is very common for students to find out they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Once they start going to school. Many parents are very upset. Because they think they should have discovered it.

Unfortunately, this is not typically the case. But it is no fault of the parents. Experts say that children. Who are born with a vision syndrome. Such as amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. Not only compensate.

For the difficulties that they have. Such as memorizing. Where things in the family home are. So that they do not have to use their vision. Which means parents are less likely to notice.

Also, parents have a misconception. That their children will tell them. That they have vision problems. However, the reason why they do not do this. Is because children have no idea.

That the way they are seeing the world. Such as blurred, or double vision. Is not normal. This is how they have seen their entire life. And think everyone sees things. The way they do, and do not tell their parents.

Therefore, parents are less likely to notice. With their child compensating. And not telling them that they have vision problems to begin with. However, when these children go to school.

80% of the environment. That takes place in a classroom is visual. And teachers are also trained. To look for signs of various problems. Such as symptoms of ADHD. And symptoms of vision syndrome.

25%, or one quarter. Of all Canadian children. Have a vision syndrome at some point. And because classrooms are very visually based. Teachers learn what to look for. Symptoms can include behaviours such as.


Avoiding doing near work. Looking off into space. Or closing their eyes. When it comes time to follow along in a textbook. Or pay attention to a teacher. Who is teaching a lesson at the front of the class.

When it comes time for drawing and writing. Children may not pay attention to details. Because focusing. On their work, causes them I irritation. Or even pain, such as headaches.

Therefore, they may bring up to the parents. That they suspect the child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The best thing for the parent to do. Would be to find a vision therapist.

Vision therapists have obtained their optometrist degree. And then continued their education. However, not all optometrists. Are qualified vision therapists. When people are looking for an assessment.

And a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. They should look no further than vision by design optometry. They are located in West Edmonton. And a quick phone call can arrange a vision assessment.

This is much more in-depth. As well as lengthier than a standard eye exam. Because rather than just determining. If a patient can see clearly. The vision exam is determining.

What ice skills the patient does, or does not have. Parents can prepare themselves. For an hour and a half visit. After which time, not only will they have. A diagnosis for their child. But a treatment plan laid out. That may include vision therapy, and corrective lenses.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | See Clearly Today

It is quite common that children need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Because vision syndromes, are incredibly common. In children, according to health Canada. A quarter of all children. Will have a vision syndrome at one point in their life.

Unfortunately, people often believe. That vision problems are caused. By lazy, or weak eyes. But this is not the case. Vision syndromes are actually caused. In a problem with the eye to brain connection.

While some head injuries, such as concussions. Can damage to the eye to brain connection. Most children who have amblyopia. Also known as lazy eye syndrome.

Typically have this problem from birth. For some reason, the eye to brain connection. Gets missed, during the brains initial development. And children are born, with one eye not functioning properly.

The reason why this happens. Is because the brain is unable. To process all of the visual information. That it is receiving from both eyes. Via the retina, and to limit its confusion.

And make the job easier, the brain simply disregards. The visual information. From one of the eyes. By cutting the visual information. It is responsible for processing in half. The brain is better able to keep up.


Therefore, the best lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Involves a vision specialist leading a patient. Through a series of visual exercises. Designed to train the eyes. To work as a team together.

As well as train the brain. How to use the visual information. That it receives from both eyes. This may take six months, or a year. And some patients may require the help.

In the form of corrective lenses. Often, because one I is weaker. The help of prescription lenses. To make the weaker I stronger. As well as make the stronger I weaker. Can help train the brain.

How to use the visual information. Because the information coming from both eyes. Looks very similar to each other. If the lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Does not work within six months to a year.

The vision therapist will suggest surgery. Which will be made more successful in the outcome. By having gone through vision therapy. If patients are wondering. If their child has a vision syndrome.

Or if there child’s teacher has alerted them. To the fact that their child has symptoms. That may link them to having a vision syndrome. The best thing to do. Would be to arrange a vision assessment.

By qualified vision therapist. Such as those at vision by design in Edmonton. This assessment will take approximately an hour and a half. In order to allow the therapist. Enough time to make a large number of measurements. And have the child do several exercises. That will tell the therapist. If the child has a vision syndrome. And if so, which one. It will be able to put together the best treatment plan. To help the child overcome their vision syndrome. And stop struggling.