Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Problems With The Eye Brain Connection

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Problems With The Eye Brain Connection

Many people assume that when people need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. It is because they have a weaker, or lazy eye. This is what has led to patching being a common treatment for this affliction.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

A patch is placed over the child’s strong eye. In order to help them use, and strengthen the weaker I. And while it does work, to make this stronger. The problem is not that that I is lazy.

Instead, the problem is with the eye brain connection. There is some connection that is missed. That causes the brain to be confused. When it receives information from both eyes.

How the eyes work. Is the visual information passes through the surface of the eye. And lands on the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina is responsible for delivering this visual information to the brain.

Once received, the brain will take all of the visual information. And send it to the best areas of the brain for processing. There are thirty-two centres of the brain that deal with vision related tasks.

And over three hundred connections in the brain dealing with some aspect of vision. Which means if there is a problem in the brain, being able to use the information from both eyes.

It will cause a lot of confusion. Therefore, in order to minimize the confusion. The brain simply turns off vision to one eye. And then it only needs to deal with visual information. Coming from one source.


And while this works, in causing the brain to be less confused. It also causes one I to not function anymore. Impacting depth perception, eye tracking and other visual skills.

Parents often seek out a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because their child is having trouble reading. They appear clumsy. And avoid playing, or engaging in sports with children of their own age.

This is because they are having trouble seeing. But the best solution is not patching. It is finding a vision therapist that will be able to help them out. Vision therapists are optometrists with additional education.

And they can take the child through a comprehensive vision exam. Which is a lot more in-depth than a standard eye exam. During this hour and a half procedure. They will take many measurements.

As well as perform many tests. In order to find out exactly what the child has. And what lazy eye treatment in Edmonton is going to help them. Chances are, it will be a combined approach.

Of prescription lenses, and vision therapy. Patients can expect to go to vision therapy anywhere between six months to a year. In order to train their eyes to work together. And train the brain.

To utilize the information from both eyes at the same time. If parents suspect their child has lazy eye, or amblyopia. And would like a diagnosis. All they have to do is reach out to vision by design in Edmonton by telephone.

They will be able to schedule a vision exam. In order to find out exactly what is going on with the child. And what treatment will help them the best.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Difficulties With The Eye Brain Connection

If parents suspect that their child has amblyopia, and are looking for the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They should look no further than vision by design in Edmonton. While many people know of them, from their reputation as optometrists.

But people should learn, that this is a great place that employees vision therapists. That can help a wide variety of vision syndromes. One vision syndrome that they specialize in is amblyopia. Also known as lazy eye.

In order to help patients who are suspected to have this vision syndrome. Parents are encouraged to call into the office. They will not accept appointment requests over email. Due to the specialized nature of what they do.

Once they are able to schedule a vision exam. Parents should keep in mind, that they will need approximately an hour to an hour and a half. In order to make all of the measurements. And perform all of the tests.

Needed in order to make a diagnosis. At the end of the test. Not only will the vision therapist have a diagnosis. But they will have a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that will help the child.

The first step of the treatment will be utilizing prescription glasses. These glasses will be designed to make the weaker I very strong. And the strong eye slightly weaker. This will allow the eyes to see similarly.


And that helps them be able to train the brain. To use the information from both eyes at the same time. The problem with people who have amblyopia. Is in the brain, there is a missed connection.

However, with the corrected vision. And specialized exercises. The child will be able to learn how to train their brain. To take information from both eyes at the same time.

This can be a slow process. Half an hour sessions, once a week. With some exercises that the child will be expected to do. For about fifteen minutes a day. Five days a week.

This can reinforce the progress from the vision therapy session. And patients will be expected to undergo this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. For approximately six months to a year.

However, at the end of the treatment. They will be able to see clearly. Out of both eyes, correcting their amblyopia permanently. If parents notice that their child is struggling in school.

Having a difficult time reading, or refusing to participate in their physical education class. Or if they appear clumsy. These can be common symptoms of lazy eye. They should call into vision by design in Edmonton.

And they will let a vision therapist take it from there. To test, diagnose. And treat their child. To help them overcome all of the struggles of amblyopia.