Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Parents Should Be Aware of Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Parents Should Be Aware of Amblyopia

The medical name for lazy I is amblyopia, and lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That parents should be aware of. Is provided by a vision therapist. Many parents may be aware of an older type of treatment.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

That required patching the child’s good I. And while that was a good attempt. At fixing the situation for the patient. Therapists now know that patching is ineffective. Because the problem is not with the eye itself.

Rather, the problem is in the eye brain connection. For some reason, the brain is unable to use the information. Sent to it by both of the eyes at the same time. Therefore, in order to stop being confused.

The brain then cuts off vision to one eye. So that is not confused by the information it receives from both eyes. This causes one night become lazy. Hence the name lazy eye. Even though it is not the eye itself that is lazy.

The lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that used to be used. Was I patching. Where patch was placed on the good I. In order to force the weaker I to come stronger. While this works in making the weaker I stronger.

The problem with amblyopia, the medical name for lazy eye. Is not in the fact that the eye is lazy. Instead, the problem is with connections in the brain not being wired properly.

Therefore, the good eye would be patched. And the lazy I would become strong. Then, when the patch is removed. The brain is still unable to use the information coming from both eyes.


And the problem would not be fixed. Therefore, the new lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That vision therapists are using. Actually fixes the problem in the brain. That causes the symptoms of amblyopia.

What this consists of. Is getting prescription lenses. In order to make the weaker I stronger. And the stronger I just slightly weaker. And this evens the playing field so to speak for both eyes.

Next, using a series of exercises. Led by the vision therapist. The patient will start training their brain. On how to use the information from both eyes at the same time. This is often referred to as physiotherapy for the weaker I.

However, this services not provided by any optometrist. It needs to be provided by a vision therapist. And while vision therapists are all optometrists. Not all optometrists are vision therapists.

They need to seek out a special therapist. Who can give a thorough examination in order to diagnose amblyopia. As well as prescribe the lenses, and go through all of the exercises. In order to train the patient’s brain.

If parents are looking for a treatment for their child. The first step would be calling a vision therapist. In Edmonton, all they have to do is reach out to vision by design.

Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. But they also have vision therapists on staff. Who would be more than happy to go through a comprehensive eye exam. Diagnose, and treat patients were affected.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Should Parents Be Aware of Amblyopia

Children who are suffering from amblyopia, need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Unfortunately, many parents are hesitant. Thinking back to their childhood. Where they, or a friend or sibling were treated. For lazy eye, using a patch.

Patching was a very common way to treat lazy eye several years ago. And it consisted of putting a patch over the strong eye. In order to cause the weaker I to become stronger through repeated use.

And while the treatment was successful in strengthening the weaker I. What it did not do, was actually fix the problem. Because lazy eye, or now known as amblyopia. Is caused by missed connections in the brain.

How the eyes work, is when a person looks at something. The image travels through the front of their eye. And lands on the back, called the retina. And the retina is the part of the eye responsible.

For carrying the information about what is being viewed. To the brain for processing. The brain will then take the information from both eyes, and send that information to the parts of the brain that need it.

Information on colour, texture or size. Will go to one part of the brain. Whether the object is moving, and how fast will go to another. But the problem with people suffering from amblyopia.


And why they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is because the brain is unable to use the information. From both retinas at the same time. The brain becomes confused, and in order to manage its confusion.

The brain will simply turn off vision to one eye. So that it only has to deal with receiving information from one retina. And while that is successful in minimizing confusion. The result is minimized ability in the vision department.

Patients will need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to see out of both eyes. In order to give them depth perception. As well as be able to use their eye tracking ability.

People will struggle with sports, reading. And even moving through the world. And driving vehicles. If they do not have vision in both eyes. Which is why a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton is so important.

The first step is getting a comprehensive vision exam. Which is different than a routine eye exam. This must be conducted by a vision therapist. And usually takes around one hour, to an hour and a half to complete.

This will allow the vision therapist the time. To perform all of the tests. And make all of the measurements. In order to come up with the right diagnosis as well as treatment.

Parents are looking for more answers about why their child has amblyopia. And what they can do about it. They should call vision by design in Edmonton. They can arrange a consultation with the vision therapist. That will allow parents to help their child.