Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Amblyopia

Amblyopia is a fairly common vision syndrome, requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And while many parents are very nervous. If they suspect that their child has this vision syndrome.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Because they remember their childhood. Where they a or a friend. Had to endure the typical lazy eye treatment in Edmonton of the day. This treatment involved placing an eyepatch on the patient’s good I.

In order to train the weaker I to be stronger. The idea would be to make the weaker I as strong as the strong eye. And the lazy eye vision syndrome would be resolved.

Unfortunately, because children would hate this treatment is so much. Many parents would give up the fight. And abandon the treatment after only a few weeks or a few months. However, in the scenarios.

Where the patients stuck with this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. For long enough to see the results. While it would make their weaker I strong. It would not fix the vision syndrome.

The reason why, is because amblyopia is a vision syndrome. Caused by a missed connection in the brain. And not because of one I is simply unable to work harder. However, fixing this brain connection can be difficult.

Without the right diagnosis, and vision therapist to work with. This is why it is so important. That if parents suspect that their child has amblyopia. To get them in to a certified vision therapist as quickly as possible.


They might notice that their child is struggling to read. Avoid playing on the playground or sports. Or simply appears clumsy in their day-to-day life. This is because they do not have depth perception.

And lack certain visual skills. Such as eye tracking. Parents who suspect that their child has this vision syndrome. Can book a complementary consultation. With a qualified vision therapist and vision by design.

After the initial consultation. If the vision therapist thinks that the child does in fact have a vision syndrome. Whether it is amblyopia or something else. They can book the child in for a comprehensive vision exam.

Unlike a routine eye exam. The vision exam is going to be much longer in length. Taking approximately an hour to an hour and a half to complete. This is due to the wide variety of exercises and measurements the vision therapist needs.

In order to not only make a diagnosis. Up with a comprehensive treatment. Designed for that patient specifically. At the end of the assessment. They will be able to make the recommendations to the parents. And start booking them in for vision therapy sessions immediately.

These vision therapy sessions will help the patient learn how to use both eyes at the same time together. And then train their brain how to use that information simultaneously.

If parents are curious about finding more about this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or getting started with a consultation, or with a vision exam. All they have to do is reach out and call vision by design in Edmonton.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Helping Children Overcome Amblyopia

Amblyopia is the medical term for lazy eye, and children with this should get a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. As quickly as possible, or they could lose forever certain visual skills.

The reason why, is because the brain will literally turn off the vision to that I. If it goes long enough without being used. What causes amblyopia, is a missed connection in the brain.

Causing confusion, when the brain is trying to process the visual information. That it receives from both retinas. In order to eliminate the brain’s confusion, it simply disregards the visual information from one I altogether.

While this works in eliminating the brain’s confusion. And allows it to process visual information more effectively. It also causes the patient to lose vision in one eye. As well as causes the patient to lose visual skills.

Visual skills such as depth perception, eye tracking. And eye tracking affects things like following moving objects. As well as reading. Therefore, children with amblyopia. Need an effective lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

In order to avoid struggling playing sports, and avoid struggling in school as well. This can be done by contacting vision therapist. Such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton. While many people will know this business.

As an organization, that offers eye exams. As well as prescription glasses and lenses. However, they also employee vision therapists. That specialize in diagnosing and treating a variety of vision syndromes.


Including concussions, amblyopia and strabismus. In order to set up a consultation. All parents need to do is contact vision by design in Edmonton by telephone. They will not accept consultation appointments by email or online booking.

They will be able to organize a consultation over the phone. At this consultation, they will discuss the challenges that the child is having. And what their symptoms are. After that, they can arrange a comprehensive vision exam.

That will take approximately an hour and a half to complete. Where the vision therapist will be able to take many measurements. And utilize many different exercises. Designed to diagnose what is going on.

At the end of the assessment. Not only will they have a diagnosis. But they will also have come up with a comprehensive lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for the child. Typically, it will involve two parts.

Prescription lenses. That will help the weaker I see clearly. And the stronger I, see less clearly. In order to allow both eyes to have similar visual information. Being sent to the brain for processing.

The next step, is training the child how to use both of their eyes at the same time. And then, learning how to train the brain. How to take the information. From both eyes and process it accurately.

This process is usually referred to as physiotherapy for the eyes. And can help patients. Overcome their vision syndrome. Anywhere between six months to a year.