Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Learning About Vision Problems

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Learning About Vision Problems

Often, parents think that the only way their child would need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is if they did not get perfect vision at their last eye exam. However, the two are not mutually exclusive.

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In fact, one in four children have a visual system problem. Regardless of if they have perfect vision or not. The challenge unfortunately is that when parents hear that their child has perfect vision.

They may not realize that their child can also have any number of visual system problems. Such as convergence insufficiency, an accommodative issue.

Or even problems like my tracking issue or a lazy eye. That would require a specific lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And what is even more unfortunate when it comes to the visual system.

Is that when children have a problem with it, they do not realize that what they are seeing is not normal. Because that is how they have always viewed the world. And do not realize that there is anything wrong.

Instead, they will avoid the tasks that cause them discomfort or pain. And that makes it look like they have a behavioural problem. When they do not have a behavioural problem at all.

There just trying to problem solve, by avoiding doing the things. That cause them pain or discomfort in the first place. Therefore, any time a parent or teacher is starting to suspect a behavioural problem in the child.

They should also get them to an optometrist. To give them a routine eye exam. By sharing with the doctor their concerns about the child’s behaviour. So that they can look for visual problems the child might have.


With going to vision by design, this is a great optometrist clinic in Edmonton. That not only can do a standard eye exam in a child. But also, can look for visual problems they might have.

And because vision by design optometrist clinic also has a vision therapist on staff. If they see signs that the child is in fact suffering from a visual system problem.

The visual therapist is going to be able to see the child right away. And gets them booked in for a more thorough diagnostic examination. Where there going to be able to find out if the child does have a visual system problem.

And if so, what the right course of action should be. Whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or they need to go to therapy to fix their convergence insufficiency. Parents will be able to get answers right away.

Signs that parents should be aware of. That might indicate that they do not have a behavioural problem in their child. Is if the child does not like reading and avoid that whenever possible.

But in fact loves being read to, whether it is by a parent, a sibling. Or even a teacher in school. This could indicate that they have visual system problem. Because they can clearly hold their attention to follow a story.

Getting the right answers for parents and children. Is very important, which is why parents should bring their children to vision by design in Edmonton for their routine eye exams.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Learning More About Vision Problems

If a child is found to have perfect vision, parents might not realize they have the visual system problem and may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another form of vision therapy.

So it is very important that parents need to know. That children even with perfect vision. Can have visual system problems. Because of how complex the entire visual system is.

And how many different visual systems are needed. Particularly in a classroom setting. And if any one of those systems is not working perfectly.

Children can end up struggling in school, and avoiding doing work. Which is why it is very important for parents to be aware of the different visual system problems that their child can have.

From a lazy eye, where they would need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. To a convergence insufficiency. That would require a treatment that would help them focus. And even and I tracking issue.

While a lazy eye is a problem where one I is not working with the other I in order to see things in the visual environment. That is easily helped with the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

And in a way that does not require patching the eye. Like so many lazy eye treatment in Edmonton used to be. This is not the only visual system problem that can occur.


When children have a convergence insufficiency. This is the most common vision system problem in children. And is sometimes referred to as binocular vision. And the reason why it is referred to as that.

Is because children can see straight ahead, because that is when their eye muscles are most relaxed. And it does not require their eyes to turn in any direction.

And when they have a convergence insufficiency. The problem is that the eye movement required to view things close up is having a problem. Which results in not being able to focus on near items.

Whether they see things as blurry, or they can bring things into focus. But only for very short amounts of time. They will either have blurred vision, vision that can see clearly, but becomes blurry very quickly.

Or they will develop eyestrain, just by reading a sentence or paragraph on a page. Therefore, the right treatment for convergence insufficiency.

Can help them develop those muscles. So that they can see up close easily. And avoid having eyestrain. But this is not the only visual system problem that there is. They can also have an accommodative issue. As well as an eye tracking issue.

Each of these have their own challenges and symptoms. And parents who suspect that their child is having a hard time reading or focusing.

Should bring their child into vision by design for a routine eye exam. And tell the doctor their suspicions. So that they can get the right tests for the correct diagnosis.