Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Kids With Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Kids With Amblyopia

Amblyopia, used to be known as lazy eye syndrome, and requires an effective lazy I treatment Edmonton. However, many parents are nervous. And avoid getting their child assessed unfortunately.

The reason why says experts. Is because they have had experience. With lazy eye syndrome. In the past, either themselves. A sibling. Or even a friend in their neighbourhood or at school. In the past, patching was used.

Which is the name for the treatment. Of placing an eyepatch. Over a child’s good I. In order to strengthen the weaker one. This was very difficult for the children. Who would effectively become blind. While strengthening their weaker I.

It was uncomfortable, and usually resulted. In children fighting. With their parents, and it would become. A battle of the wills. That parents would lose. Unable or unwilling to fight.

With their child any longer, parents abandoned the treatment. However, for those that stuck with it. They had a terrible experience waiting for them. They would not be able. To see using both of their eyes together.

Even though they strengthened the so-called weaker I. And this is because. The problem with amblyopia, also known as. As lazy eye syndrome. Is not in the eye itself. It in the eye to brain connection.

In order to understand this. People should understand how the eyes. And the brain work together. In order to use visual information. When a person opens their eyes. Light carries visual information.

Into their eyes through the front of the eye. Call the cornea. And just like a camera with film. The light information. Lands on the back of the eye. However, this is not where people. Start seeing the visual information.


Instead, this information. Needs to be processed. Much how a camera, needs to have its film. Processed, before you can take a look at the photographs. This is done through a part of the eye, called the retina.

The image lands on the back of the eye. And this is where the retina is located. Carrying the visual information. To the brainstem, for processing. The brainstem is then responsible.

For sending the information. To the various centres of the brain. That will use it, and who needs it. This is an extremely complex job. The brain not only has. Information from to retinas it needs to process.

But this is happening. Instantaneously, for every millisecond. That a person’s eyes are open. In people with a vision syndrome such as amblyopia. The connection between receiving the visual information.

From the retinas. And sending it to the appropriate centres is broken. Therefore, a vision therapist is called in. To help train the eyes. And the brain, to process the information correctly.

This lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Is only possible, through what is called. The brain’s neural plasticity. Which refers to its ability. To heal and grow indefinitely. If parents are concerned that their child.

Needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The first thing they should do. Is make an appointment by phone. With vision by design optometry, in West Edmonton.

Lazy eye treatment Edmonton | Wards With Amblyopia

Vision syndromes are most common in children, who then need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or which ever treatment. Will help them overcome their vision problems.

In fact, 25% of all children. In Canada have had a vision syndrome. At one part of their life or another. While some parents believe. That their child will eventually. Grow out of their vision syndrome. Research has actually shown.

That this is not the case. When the child gets older. If the vision syndrome. It has not been corrected. The brain will simply. Turn off vision. One of those eyes. In order to avoid the problematic scenario.

Of receiving confusing. And troubling information. From the retinas. However, parents should not delay. And getting their child a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Simply because it is extremely easy.

Vision therapy, which is very similar. To physical therapy. However it works the eye muscles. And not body muscles. And with exercises. That a vision therapist guides the patient through.

They will train the brain. How to use the visual information. From both retinas. In order to help the patient. See things clearly. Out of both of their eyes. And use both of the eyes of the same time.

For activities like reading, tracking visual information. Such as following a moving ball. When they are playing a sport. In order to get a diagnosis. Patients need to contact a vision therapist.

What makes this difficult. Is that not all optometrists. Have become vision therapists. Therefore, it is more difficult. To find a vision therapist. Then simply walking in. To any optometrist clinic.


In Canada, there is a Canadian optometrists website. That has a list. Of all vision therapists. By province, which can make it. A more helpful for people to find treatment. However for people in Edmonton.

As well as the surrounding areas. It is much easier. Because all they have to do. Is call vision by design optometry. Located in Collingwood. Which is a neighbourhood in the west side. Of the capital city.

Due to the specialized nature of the visits. Parents can only book their child in. For a comprehensive vision assessment. By telephone. And when they do, they need to keep in mind.

That there appointment. Is going to last anywhere between. One hour, and an hour and a half. This is because the vision therapist. Needs to take many measurements. And perform many tests.

In order to gain a complete understanding. Of exactly what is going on. In the patient’s eyes. As well as what is going on. In the patient’s brain. Once they have finished the assessment. They will make a diagnosis.

And if it has amblyopia. They will have put together. The best lazy eye treatment Edmonton. For that individual.

The treatment may involve vision therapy. Corrective lenses, or both. But parents can be certain. That within six months to a year. Their child will be seeing things. Completely differently than they did originally.