Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Issues With Sight At School

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Issues With Sight At School

Teachers often are the ones to discover that people needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Simply because most of the learning. That happens at school, is visually based.

Because of that, teachers are also taught. What to look for, in students who may have. A vision syndrome, such as amblyopia. Which is known as lazy eye syndrome.

Not only is it very easy. For teachers to spot vision syndromes. But in Canada, one in four children. Or 25%, will have a vision syndrome. At one point in their life, making it an extremely common scenario.

That can save a child. A lot of frustration, and save them. It from falling behind in school. If the teacher knows. The symptoms to look for. And that they should alert parents. To the potential.

That their child has a vision syndrome. For example, amblyopia needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. And despite what some parents may think. It is not a syndrome. That will go away on its own.

Parents also often. Need to be reassured. That there children were unaware. Of the fact that they had a vision syndrome at all. Because many parents blame themselves.

For not noticing. That their child has a vision syndrome. And also blaming themselves. That their child would not tell them. That they were struggling with their eyesight. However, the reason why parents are less likely.

To notice, that their child needs vision therapy. Is because the home environment. Is much less visually based. When compared to a classroom. And, because the child. Becomes extremely adept. At coping with their problems.

By memorizing where things are. Squinting, closing one eye. And tilting their head. In order to see things more clearly. But the reason why they do not. Tell their parents that they are struggling.


Is because since they have had. This vision syndrome since they were born. Children are simply unaware. That how they see the world. Is not usual, and think. That everyone sees the world this way.

Therefore, in their minds. There is simply nothing. To share with their parents. And they simply do their best. To cope, in the best way that they can. When children need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

They need a vision therapist. Quite often, the solution. Involves vision therapy. But also, it often requires. Corrective lenses, either with a prescription. To make the weaker I much stronger.

As well as make the stronger I, slightly less strong. So that both eyes. Are taking in visual information. Approximately the same as each other. This will allow the vision therapist. An easier time training.

That child, not only how to use. Both of their eyes, as a team together. But also, it will help them. Train the brain, how to accept. The visual information. From both eyes at the same time.

This is possible, because of the brains neuro- plasticity. And the right lazy eye treatment Edmonton. And with treatment early enough. Most children can eliminate their vision syndrome. And excel in life.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Seeing Clearly At School

One of the reason why many parents avoid getting a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. For their child with amblyopia. Also known as lazy eye syndrome. Is because they have seen, or have had.

The treatment, which was common years ago. Known as I patching. Patching involves placing an eyepatch. Over the child’s good I. In order to force the lazy eye to be used. And become stronger.

While the best of intentions. Are at play, during this treatment. Not only is it very problematic. Because most children. Are not fond. As having their good I covered. And being functionally blind for most of the day.

This would also lead to problems. Of the child fighting with the parent. And in most cases. This particular lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Would be abandoned by the parent. Who could no longer bring themselves.

To fight with their child. And make them so miserable. With the patching treatment. Unfortunately, parents who did carry forward. With this particular lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Found out that it was ineffective.

While lazy eye syndrome. Does have one I being weaker than the other. This is not the cause of the syndrome. But a result of it. The problem exists in the brain. And only vision therapy. Can help fix the eye to brain connection.

That will help children overcome. This particular vision syndrome. And start to see things. Clearly, and effectively. Unfortunately as well, parents need to understand. That getting lazy I treatment Edmonton for their child.


Early enough, is imperative. While the brain is considered neuro- plastic. Which means it has an amazing ability. To heal itself, and repair. The broken or missing connections. Once the child has had a vision syndrome.

Like amblyopia, for several years. The brain will eventually. Turn off vision to that week I permanently. Which means after the child. Reaches a certain age. Usually around their teenage years. This problem is your reversible.

Therefore, parents need to understand. That it is a completely solvable problem. But only if they act quickly. Many parents think that their child simply outgrows this syndrome. Because they stop complaining.

About blurred or double vision, when they reach this age. However, the reason why. They are no longer complaining. Is because they are functionally blind. In the affected eye, which means they are not going to see.

Blurred vision or double vision. Because they cannot see anything. Out of that affected eye. Along with vision. Goes a lot of their visual skills. Such as depth perception. And the ability. To track moving objects. With their eyes.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance. That parents who suspect. That their child has a vision syndrome. Such as amblyopia, or strabismus. Actually contact vision by design optometry. Located in the Collingwood area of Edmonton.

They can arrange a vision exam. That will take approximately ninety minutes. And can help diagnose a vision syndrome. And then, the vision therapist. Can come up with an effective treatment as well.