Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Is Your Child Struggling In School

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Is Your Child Struggling In School

Many parents assume, that if their child has twenty twenty vision, that they do not have any problems or need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. However, seeing an image clearly.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Does not necessarily mean, that they have no vision issues. In fact, there are many different skills that are needed. For child to be able to learn in a classroom environment. Such as being able to do what is called I tracking.

Which is following a moving object. With both eyes. Or, following a line of text for example. In order to read an entire page. As well, there two eyes needs to be in sync with each other. For the entire line of text.

So that when they jump down to the next line. In order to read the next sentence. There two eyes, need to be working together. In order to successfully read an entire passage of writing.

Since almost everything that they learn in school. Will be visually based. From reading in a book at their desk. To meeting notes on a board in the front of this class. If a patient has twenty twenty vision.

But they have a vision syndrome, such as having a lazy eye. They will need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to avoid having problems learning in school.

However, all too often. Many parents do not realize. That their child has an issue. They seem to be avoiding classwork. Or avoid doing homework.


And they tend to think that their child is lazy. Or are not trying hard enough. Or that they are avoiding homework. Because they would rather be doing something else. When the fact of the matter is.

The child is having a hard time seeing, and reading. But are unable to say what is going on. Because how they view the world. Including how they see words on a page. Is how they have always seen them, and it is their normal.

Therefore, the child is not going to tell their parents. They are having trouble reading. There simply going to avoid activities. That cause them eyestrain, irritation and difficulty.

In fact, many parents may not even realize. That one and porch children have a vision problem, such as lazy eye. And while they might realize that their child has an issue. They think it is something that they will outgrow with age.

Unfortunately, things like vision problems. Are not something they will outgrow. And in fact, if they do not find right solution. Such as a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Chances are quite good.

That the child’s brain, will simply turn off vision to one of the eyes. In order to avoid confusion. And therefore, they might have an easier time seeing. They will lose visual skills, and will suffer for it.

Therefore, it should be routine. That parents bring their child in proactively. When they get to a certain age. In order to get a vision exam. Which is more in-depth than an eye exam. The find out what is going on.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children Who Are Struggling In School

Many parents may not realize, that if their child is struggling in school, they may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. One in four children have a vision problem. And where many parents often assume.

That vision problem is a problem with their eyes. The problem actually is in the eye to brain connection. In order to understand this, people need to understand how the eyes and brain work together.

In order to see, and process visual information. What happens, is that the eyes to look at an object, and the light to pass through the patients eyes. Going through the lens, and landing on the back of the eye.

The back of the eye is called the retina. And is the part of the eye. That sends information into the brain for processing. The retina will send information into one area of the brain, that is responsible.

For sending that information. To the various parts that will process it. There are many different body functions and ways that visual information is used. Such as in motion, for a person to be able to walk.

Or move successfully through the world. They need to see where they are going. See objects that might be coming towards them. Judge depth perception just to name a few things.

In fact, there are thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal with vision. And three hundred connections in the brain, that process visual information. Someone who has a lazy eye.


Also known as amblyopia, they have a problem. Processing the visual information from both of their eyes at the same time. This requires a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Such as going to a vision therapist, to get vision therapy. Which is similar to physiotherapy. It is for the eyes, and not the body. In order to get this therapy, the first thing that parents need to do.

Is get their child a vision exam. Which is much more in-depth than a standard eye exam. And even though they may have given their child and I exam. And discovered that their child has twenty twenty vision.

That does not preclude any vision problems, such as amblyopia. Going through the vision exam. Can help the vision therapist understand. If the child has a vision problem. And how best to help them.

If parents would like to find a vision therapist. There are several ways that they can do this. Starting with going to the Canadian optometrists website. And looking up a list of all of the vision therapist’s in Canada.

But people in Edmonton, who are looking for a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Can simply call vision by design. Located in the west end of Edmonton. And arrange by phone, a vision exam.

Due to the highly specialized nature of these exams. They cannot accept appointments any other way. Such as emails, or texts. But by calling in. Can help parents give their child the help they need.