Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Is Vision Therapy Beneficial

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Is Vision Therapy Beneficial

People who have vision syndromes, may need anything from a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. To therapy to help them overcome strabismus. Or a wide variety of other conditions.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Vision problems are in fact, very common. With one in four children. Suffering from a vision problem at some point in their lives. One thing that people should understand however.

Is that vision syndromes will not heal on their own. And children will not outgrow them, with age. While many children struggle in school. Having difficulties reading, or writing and following along in school.

Once they reach a certain age. Those difficulties seem to disappear. But that is not because they have healed. Or have outgrown the problem. It is simply because their brain has turned off the image. One of their eyes.

In order to overcome the problems. That the brain is having. Trying to process information. From someone who has a vision syndrome. Instead, what they need is vision therapy.

Which is conducted by an optometrist, who has additional education. While all vision therapists. Are optometrists. Not all optometrists have this training. Therefore, parents of children with vision syndromes.

Must search, for the right optometrist who can provide this service. Then, they will perform what is called a vision exam. Which is much more in-depth, then a routine eye exam.

They will do several measurements and tests. And the entire exam can take as long as an hour and a half. At the end of the examination. They will have a diagnosis. As well as the best treatment.


Amblyopia, is one of the most common vision syndromes in childhood. Requiring the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. This utilizes a therapy, called vision therapy.

Which is very similar to physiotherapy. However, it is on the eyes instead of the body. Similar to physiotherapy. The patient is guided through a series of exercises. That are designed.

To help the patient’s train how to use both of their eyes. At the same time. And then slowly, train their brain how to use the information. From both eyes together. This is incredibly beneficial.

Because it will allow people to resolve their symptoms. In as little as a year. If they are diligent about coming to their weekly, half-hour appointment. In fact, if they would like to see progress faster.

There vision therapist will encourage them. To perform additional exercises. At home, fifteen minutes a day. Five days a week. And then they will be more likely, to progress faster in their therapy.

No longer are optometrists are vision therapists. Patching children’s eyes when they have a lazy eye, or amblyopia. Because while it does strengthen the weaker I. It does not actually heal the syndrome.

Because what causes amblyopia, or lazy eye. Is a disconnect in the eye to brain connection. If parents would like more information about this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or, to get their child tested.

All they have to do is reach out to vision by design by phone. And book a complementary consultation. Or simply schedule that comprehensive vision exam. To find out how they can help their child.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Getting Vision Therapy Is Beneficial

Often, children are labelled as having ADHD, when they simply need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. The reason why this is common, is because children who have trouble seeing. Particularly in a classroom setting.

End up trying to avoid the activities. That cause eyestrain, headaches. Or simply irritating to the eye. Therefore, they might appear. To the teacher, or the parents. As though they are not paying attention in class.

And even after getting assessed by a medical doctor. They often are diagnosed as having ADHD. When they have no problems concentrating. They simply are unable to read because of their vision syndrome.

Therefore, parents who suspect that their child may have this neurodevelopment disorder. Should also, proactively. Take their child to a vision therapist. Like the professionals at vision by design in Edmonton.

They will be able to perform a comprehensive vision exam. Which is approximately an hour, to an hour and a half long. To allow the vision therapist enough time. To make the many measurements, and conduct many tests.

In order to find out if the child has a vision syndrome. And if so, syndrome they are suffering from. And how severe it is. Typically, when they are done there testing. They will have a comprehensive lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.


All planned out for the child. To help them heal the eye brain connection. And eliminate the symptoms of their vision syndrome. The first step in getting this important treatment, after diagnosis.

Is to get prescription glasses. The glasses are designed to make the weaker I extremely strong. And then make the stronger I, slightly weaker. That way, both of the eyes will see about the same.

Which makes it easier. For the vision therapist to train the child. How to use both of their eyes at the same time. After they master this activity. The vision therapist will help them go through exercises.

Designed to help the child train their brain. How to use information from both eyes. At the same time as well. This lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Can take several weeks, or months. But most people resolve their symptoms.

Within about eight or nine months. They should come into the vision therapist’s office. Once a week, for half an hour. As well as do additional exercises. In the comfort of their home for fifteen minutes a day.

And approximately, five days a week. After only a few weeks. Patients can start to experience a difference, and diminishing symptoms. And once they see progress.

The vision therapist is able to increase the difficulty each exercise. In order to help their progress. When parents are looking for the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. They truly need to look no further than vision by design in Edmonton.