Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Therapy Is Beneficial

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Therapy Is Beneficial

It is possible for child to have amblyopia, and need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And not even know it. Which is why many vision therapists suggest parents getting their child tested.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

When they reach about five or six years of age. Sometimes, lazy I is very obvious. Because parents can see that in their child. Their eyes are not aligned when they look at objects.

But not all cases are this significant. And are not able to be detected. Just by looking at the child’s eyes. This is why a comprehensive vision exam is so important. Unlike a standard eye exam.

That is designed to see if a child is seeing clearly out both of their eyes. The vision exam is much more in-depth. Allowing a vision therapist to make many measurements. And for for many exercises.

In order to gain an understanding. Of not only what is going on in the child’s eyes. But also, what is going on in the child’s brain. Since many vision syndromes, are caused by missing or mixed up connections in the brain.

Parents who bring their child in to a vision therapist. In order to get a comprehensive vision exam. Should expect the appointment will be very lengthy. Being anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half.

However, at the end of the exam. Not only will the vision therapist be able to diagnose the child. If they have any vision syndromes, such as amblyopia. And if they do, they will have.


A very effective lazy eye treatment in Edmonton planned out already. This treatment can look very different. Depending on what they found during their examination. Sometimes, all that is needed.

Our prescription glasses. That will be designed to make the weaker I as strong as possible. By having a very strong prescription in that I. And then, corrective lens that will be designed. To make the strong eye slightly weaker.

That way, both eyes can start receiving visual information. Very similarly to each other. Which will allow the patient to start using both of their eyes. And eliminate the confusion that the brain had.

At using that visual information and processing it properly. However, not all lazy eye treatment in Edmonton are going to be this simple. Many patients actually need vision therapy.

Which is similar to physiotherapy, but for the eyes instead of the body. This involves the vision therapist. Leading the child through a series of special exercises. That first, will teach them how to use their eyes together.

And next, will help train their brain. How to use the information. From both eyes, and process it correctly. They can overcome this problem, because of how neuro- plastic the brain is. And how it can learn and grow.

If parents would like more information on vision therapy. Or if they would like to arrange a vision exam for their child. All they have to do is call vision by design in Edmonton and arrange an appointment with one of their vision therapists on staff.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Therapy Is Beneficial For Children

Vision therapy can overcome many vision syndromes, and when children need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Parents no longer have to worry that they will have to put an eyepatch on their child.

This is because I patching, is now known to be ineffective. Patching was the way to treat lazy eyes. Because the assumption was that the eye was lazy. Due to weaker muscles.

Therefore, an optometrist would put a patch on the strong eye. In order to help the weaker I be used more. So that when the patch was removed. They could use both eyes at the same time.

However, it is now known. This is an often ineffective treatment. Because what causes lazy eye, or amblyopia. Is a problem with the eye to brain connection. Therefore, patching does nothing to fix that.

When people use their eyes. The visual information goes into their eyes retina. Which is designed to send the visual information it receives. To the brainstem. It is the job of the brainstem, to send this visual information.

To the parts of the brain that uses it. However, this is a massive job. Partly because of how much visual information it is responsible for. Any time a person has their eyes open, it is a constant stream of information.


Going to the brainstem. But also, because there are many parts of the brain. That deal with vision. In fact, there are thirty-two centres of the brain that deal with vision. And over three hundred connections in the brain.

That uses visual information in some way. Therefore, the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is not going to simply strengthen the eye muscles. But train the brain, how to process this information effectively.

Therefore, working with the vision therapist is going to be the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Where they will lead the child through a series of special exercises. Designed to first, help the child use both eyes together.

And next, train the brain to use the information that it receives from both eyes. And process it accurately. This process is called vision therapy, often compared to physiotherapy, for the eyes.

The result is not only improved vision in the lazy eye. But improved visual skills. Such as depth perception, and I tracking. Which is used in reading, as well as things like supports.

Parents who are interested in finding more about this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Can either book a complementary consultation. With a qualified vision therapist. Or, they can simply arrange a comprehensive vision exam.

In order to find out if their child has any vision syndrome. And what they can do to correct it, if they do have something like amblyopia. If parents have any questions, they will be able to ask the vision therapist on site. And help their child succeed.