Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Amblyopia Affects Children

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Amblyopia Affects Children

Children who have amblyopia, require a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because amblyopia, is the medical name for lazy eye. This vision syndrome was given this name. Because it was thought that it was caused.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

By an eye, that was not working. As hard as the stronger I. Which is why the common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton several years ago. Used to be putting a patch over the strong eye.

The idea behind this. Would be that covering up the strong eye. Would force the lazy eye to work harder. So that the patient would be able to use both eyes at the same time.

While this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton worked. In strengthening the weaker I. The problem with this. Is actually that this syndrome, is not caused by and I that refuses to work as hard.

It is caused by a problem with the one brain connection. People with amblyopia. Are unable to see out of both eyes. Because the brain is getting confused. When it receives visual information from both eyes at the same time.

Therefore, in order for the brain to eliminate its confusion. It simply turns off vision to one eye. So that it only receives half the visual information. And is able to process that information easier.

While this works in correcting the brain’s confusion. It also turns off vision to one eye. Causing one eye to become lazy. And affecting the child’s visual skills. Such as depth perception and eye tracking.


Therefore, patching is no longer a treatment that is used. And why the term lazy eye has been changed for the medically correct term, amblyopia. People who have this vision syndrome can get a treatment that will help them.

The first step in getting that treatment however is diagnosis. It must be diagnosed by a certified vision therapist. Vision therapists are optometrists with additional education. And while vision therapists are all optometrists.

Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which makes it more difficult to find one. Because patients cannot simply call an optometrist’s office. And get a vision exam completed.

For people in Edmonton, this is a much easier procedure. Because all they have to do. Is call vision by design. They are a local optometrists clinic. That have several vision therapists on staff.

In order to arrange a vision exam. All parents have to do is call the office. Due to the specialized nature of the visit. They cannot accept bookings over email or online. But a call to the office is all it takes.

To get a date for a vision exam. Parents should be prepared for an hour, to an hour and a half examination. That will allow the vision therapist to do the measurements and exercises needed.

In order to make a diagnosis. As well as formulate the best treatment for each individual patient. Once they have the treatment created. They will be able to start looking the patient in for vision therapy sessions. To help them overcome this vision syndrome.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Discovering How Amblyopia Affects Children

Typically, children suffer from amblyopia, and require lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. The reason why it is children that usually suffer from vision syndromes. Is because if they do not get treated in time.

Then they turn into adults, who already have developed coping mechanisms. In many cases, and untreated vision syndrome. Such as strabismus. Eventually results in the brain turning off the vision to the eye.

While this can fix the problem. It often leaves and adults with reduced vision skills. Such as no depth perception. And an inability or difficulty with eye tracking for example.

Therefore, catching this syndrome early on. In childhood, and finding the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Will help children. As well as help avoid adults with undiagnosed vision syndromes.

The first step, will be getting a diagnosis. This can be done by a vision therapist, such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton. The vision exam is extremely comprehensive.

And is quite different than a standard eye exam. It used to find out. If a patient is able to see clearly or not. During this examination, the vision therapist will typically find out what kind of prescription lenses to use.

That will make the amblyopia eye as strong as possible. While making the stronger I slightly less strong. So that both eyes can be looking at visual information. Similarly to each other.


What this does, is makes it easier for the vision therapist. To help the patient train the brain. To use the information from both eyes at the same time. The lazy eye treatment in Edmonton will consist of.

The vision therapist leading in the patient through special exercises. This process is often referred to as physiotherapy for the lazy eye. Which not only teaches the weaker I to be just as strong as the strong eye.

But actually helps teach their brain how to use the information. So that the end result, is no longer having a problem with the eye brain connection. Patients can expect to go through this process.

For approximately six months to a year. In order to get a full resolution of their symptoms. All without ever having to wear a patch. What will make this process much easier.

Is if patients will follow their vision therapists guidance. And will do the homework that they are given. This homework typically will consist of special exercises that they need to do at home.

Approximately fifteen minutes a day, five days a week. In order to reinforce what they are learning. At their vision therapy sessions once a week. The more the patient can do their homework.

The faster they are usually able to progress through the vision therapy. In order to book a complementary consultation with a qualified vision therapist. All parents have to do is call vision by design in Edmonton today.