Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Helping Children With Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Helping Children With Amblyopia

Amblyopia, is the medical name for lazy eye, and children who have this will need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because this is not a condition that they are going to grow out of with time.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Many parents may suspect. That their child has this particular vision syndrome. Because their eyes are not able to focus. On the same point at the same time. While one I is focused.

The other eye may be printed in different directions. The vision in that I, is also likely going to be fuzzy. And children with this vision syndrome. Typically struggle with reading. Because their ability to track words in a line.

Will be minimized due to their difficulty seeing with that I. They also are likely going to struggle playing sports, or playing with their peers on the playground. And may even appear clumsy.

As they will lack depth perception. That requires to good eyes in order to have. Therefore, it is important that parents find the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their child.

However, some parents are very hesitant to do this. Simply because they have remembered their own experience. Or the experience of a friend or their sibling. Having to wear an eyepatch and how much they hated it.

Many years ago. The lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for lazy eye. Was to put a patch on the good I. Forcing the lazy eye to be used, and therefore become stronger. And while this would work to strengthen the weaker I.


It actually did not fix the problem. Because what causes this vision syndrome. Is a missed connection in the brain. And not a problem with the eye or the eye muscles themselves.

Therefore, they would patch the good I. And the child would be angry at having to have their good I covered. And end up fighting significantly with their parents. Often this solution would be abandoned.

Because parents would be unwilling to fight so much with their child. This is why many parents are hesitant. Finding the right solution for their own child. If they suspect their child has lazy eye.

However, vision therapists now know. That what causes a lazy eye. Is a problem in the brain. Where the brain is unable to process the visual information. From both eyes at the same time.

In order to compensate, the brain will simply turn off vision to one eye. And have half the visual information. To send to the correct centres of the brain for processing.

This treatment, requires a corrective lenses. In order to allow both eyes to see evenly. And then go through a series of exercises. Guided by an accredited vision therapist. In order to train the eyes.

To see at the same time. And then train the brain, to use that information simultaneously. If parents are looking for help for their child. The best thing would be to set up a consultation with the vision therapist. Such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Helping Kids With Amblyopia

Amblyopia, is a vision syndrome, often called lazy eye, requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because this is not a syndrome children will outgrow with time. If parents notice that their child.

Is struggling to read, avoid playing on the playground. Or tries to get out of physical education class. Or even if they are clumsy. It could be due to amblyopia, and they are only seeing out of one eye.

The best course of action. Would be to get their child into a vision therapist. For a comprehensive eye exam. This is different than a routine eye exam, testing their vision. And this exam will be much longer.

Parents should prepare for an hour, to an hour and a half. In order to allow the vision therapist to take all of the measurements. And utilize all of the exercises needed. To make the right diagnosis.

Once they know exactly what is going on with the child’s vision. They will also come up with the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. It is likely going to be using corrective lenses.

In order to allow the eyes to see evenly. This means the weaker I will have a stronger prescription. And the strong eye, have a prescription that will make it slightly less strong.

Once both eyes are seeing evenly. It will be much easier. To use guided exercises. To help train the eyes how to see, and focus at the same time. Once the child has mastered this skill.


They will then work on exercises. That will train the brain how to take information from both eyes. This treatment is called vision therapy. And will take place in the vision therapist’s office.

Parents will bring their child to the office for half-hour sessions. Once a week, as well as ensuring that their child does homework. Consisting of exercises they can do on their own at home.

For approximately fifteen minutes a day, five days a week. This homework will reinforce what the child has learned during vision therapy. And will help the child progress that much faster through their therapy sessions.

Parents should be prepared for this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton to last anywhere between six months to a year. In order to resolve the symptoms that their child is experiencing.

The end result, will be improved vision in both eyes. Depth perception, and all of the visual skills that they will be able to achieve. All without having to patch their child’s eye.

If parents would like more information on amblyopia. Or about finding a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They have to do is reach out to vision by design in Edmonton by phone.

They can call to arrange a comprehensive vision exam. And find out how best to help their child. Depending on what vision syndrome they have. And how they can get started today.