Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Great Treatments For Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Great Treatments For Amblyopia

The typical lazy eye treatment in Edmonton years ago. For people suffering with amblyopia, then called lazy eye. Was patching. Which lead to a lot of fights from angry and frustrated children.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Patching involves putting a patch over the strong eye. In order to force the weaker, also known as the lazy eye. To work harder. This was done because people used to believe. That lazy I was caused by.

One I simply not working as hard as the stronger I. And if they put a patch over the strong eye. It would force the weaker I to work harder. Correcting the problem. However, it was frustrating for children to go through.

Because they did not like having their good I covered. And would often lead to children ripping the patch off. Or a fight with their parents. Usually, resulting in the parents giving in to their child and quitting the therapy.

However, for people who stuck with it. Would find that this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Was ineffective. The reason why, is because the problem with people who had lazy eyes. Is not that there I was lazy.

But rather, disconnect in the eye brain connection. How the eyes are used to see. Is by having the information that is being viewed. Landing on the back of the person’s eye, called the retina.

The retina is responsible for delivering this information to the brain. Where they would send the information to the various parts of the brain. Required for processing it.


However, in people who have amblyopia. The problem is in the connection between the retina and the brain. Unable to use the information. And because the brain would be confused.

It simply turns off vision to one eye. In order to be less confused. Using the information from the other eye. Therefore, patching truly does nothing. To fix the disconnect in the eye brain connection.

This is why now, it is no longer referred to as lazy eye. Because it is an misleading name. And children with amblyopia. Now have a completely different way that they can overcome their problem.

The first step would be talking to a vision therapist. Like the professionals at vision by design in Edmonton. They will utilize a very in depth vision exam. Which is a lot more comprehensive.

Then a standard eye exam. This will take an hour to an hour and a half. Where the vision therapist will be able to make the measurements required. And completes the tests needed to make a diagnosis.

Once they have diagnosed the child. They will be able to come up with a great lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Using prescription lenses, vision therapy. Or combination of the two.

Through this process, known as physiotherapy for the eyes. They will be able to fix the disconnect in the eye brain connection. To allow the child’s to be able to see clearly. Through both of their eyes.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Successful Treatments For Amblyopia

Many parents are hesitant about getting their child a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Even if they do have amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. This is because they often have terrible memories.

Of themselves, their friends. Or even their siblings having to go through a patching treatment. Requiring them to wear a patch over there good I. They remember how frustrating it was.

And how much fighting their friends or siblings would do. In order to be able to stop wearing the patch. Luckily, parents should keep in mind. That vision therapists are no longer using patching.

Simply because it is an ineffective method. At treating amblyopia. Patching is designed to strengthen the weaker I. However, the problem with this. Is that amblyopia is caused by a disconnect in the brain.

And not an eye that is not working hard enough. In order to diagnose amblyopia. And find the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for each patient. Parents should bring their child to a vision therapist.

Vision therapists, are optometrists. But not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which can make the search a little bit more difficult. For people in Edmonton, all they have to do is reach out to vision by design.

While they are full-service optometrist clinic. Offering eye exams, and corrective lenses. They also have several vision therapists on staff. That will be more than happy to help each parent.


Through comprehensive vision exam. With their child, in order to diagnose. And come up with the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Typically, they will use corrective lenses.

That will make their weaker I very strong. And make their strong eye slightly weaker. In order to level the playing field so to speak. This makes it much easier. To train the brain to use the information from both eyes at the same time.

How they will train the brain. Is with the vision therapist and the patient. They will go through a guided series of exercises. Designed to teach the patient how to use both of their eyes together.

As well as train the brain, how to use the information from both eyes. This will take place in half hour sessions. Once a week, at the vision therapist’s office. However, they will likely also give each patient.

Fifteen minutes of homework. To be completed five days a week. This will reinforce the lessons learned at the session. In order to help the eye and the brain retain the information it has learned during the training.

Patients will typically have to go through vision therapy sessions. For approximately six months to a year. In order to resolve their symptoms. If parents want more information about this treatment.

All they have to do is reach out and call vision by design. Because of the specialized nature of this service. They are not taking any requests for vision therapy by email. But by picking up the phone, parents can take the first step to helping their child.