Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Lazy Eyes In Children

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Lazy Eyes In Children

Amblyopia is the medical name for lazy eye, which requires a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to overcome. This is a common vision syndrome of childhood. However, children will not overcome this on own.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

It was once widely believed. To be a problem with the eyes. And the muscles not being strong enough. This is because one I is able to see very well. And then the other eye, is not focusing the same way.

Therefore, a common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton years ago. Used to be patching the strong eye. In order to strengthen the muscles of the weaker I. In order to allow both eyes to be able to focus similarly.

Patching was a very common treatment. However, children hated this. Often ending up fighting with their parents. Ripping off their eyepatch out of frustration. And parents would allow their child to quit.

Although, even if children stuck with this treatment. For long enough, to strengthen their weaker I. This still would not be enough. To fix their lazy eye syndrome. The reason is because the problem is not with eye muscles.

But rather, with the brain, having a hard time processing the visual information it receives from both eyes. This is a massive job, and if the brain is struggling to perform its duty. It will then turn off vision to one eye.

In order to only have half the visual information. In order to process. This is what actually causes the lazy eye. The brain turning off the vision. Because it is unable to function properly.


Therefore, the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that will work. Is vision therapy, that will train the eyes how to work at the same time. And train the brain, how to use the visual information from both eyes together.

This is possible, due to the incredible neural plasticity of the brain. Being able to change, and to grow. And overcome damage, and missing connections that may have happened many years ago.

This happens through visual therapy. Where an accredited therapist guides the patient through several exercises. That are designed to train their eyes. And train their brain as well.

In order to access this treatment. Parents first need to get their child diagnosed. Which means finding a vision therapist who will do a comprehensive vision exam. While vision therapists are optometrists.

Not all optometrists are vision therapists. So they cannot just call any optometrist clinic. In order to access this service. However, parents in Edmonton are very lucky. Because all they have to do is call vision by design in Edmonton.

Not only are they a full-service optometry clinic. Offering eye exams, and prescription lenses. Also, they have vision therapists on staff. That will be more than happy to do a complementary consultation with parents.

As well as do comprehensive vision exam. To help diagnose their child. And get right treatment in Edmonton. That will help their child.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Lazy Eyes In Kids

The vision engine, amblyopia requires a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, parents should not worried. That their child is going to have to put a patch on their eye.

This was a very common treatment. Many years ago, however it was ineffective. Simply because patching, does not fix the underlying cause of amblyopia, or lazy eye. It is actually a problem in their brain.

In order to understand why. People need to know, how the eyes, and the brain work together. To see visual information. First of all, when a person looks at an object. Light carries the image to the eyes.

Going through the front of the eye. And landing on the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina, is what carries this visual information to the brain. One set the brain, once the brain gets this information.

It needs to send it to the various centres. That will process the information. There are thirty-two centres of the brain dealing with vision. As well as three hundred connections in the brain.

That uses visual information. Which means this is an extremely large job. And children with amblyopia, the brain is missing a connection. That allows it to process this information efficiently.

As a result, in order to make this job easier on the brain. It turns off vision to one of the eyes. And now it only has half the information. To process. Which makes the job much easier on the brain.


Unfortunately, it affects the child. By cutting off vision to one of their eyes. And all of the visual skills that need to eyes in order to function. This includes depth perception. As well as eye tracking.

Which is a skill that is needed to follow moving objects. Such as playing sports, or playing on the playground. As well as eye tracking is used in reading. To allow a child to move their eyes from one word to the next while reading a sentence.

Therefore, children that have amblyopia, need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to stop struggling with these tasks. And making the weaker I strong. Is not going to be enough to fix the problem.

The lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that parents should be looking for. Will be with the vision therapist. That will help their child learn how to use both of their eyes at the same time.

So that they can train the brain. How to use the information from both eyes at the same time. This is possible, to the incredible neural plasticity of the brain. En route to access this treatment.

Parents and find a vision therapist, such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton. They can arrange a comprehensive vision exam by calling. That can help diagnose their child. And then start the treatment that they need.

If parents have any questions, they can also book a complementary consultation prior to the vision exam. To help them learn the information that they need that can help their child.