Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Effective Treatments To Help Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Effective Treatments To Help Amblyopia

Not only is it hard to diagnose amblyopia, the finding the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Can be difficult without finding a vision therapist. While this is one of the most common vision syndromes in Canada.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

It is often under diagnosed. Because symptoms are not always obvious. In severe cases, it is easy to tell. By looking at the child, because their eyes are not aligned. And they complain about being able to read.

However, it is not always this obvious. And children who do not get diagnosed or find the right treatment. Grew into adulthood, where treatment may not be possible.

This is why many vision therapists recommend. Parents bringing their child in for comprehensive vision exam. While they are young, such as five or six years old. In order to look for common vision syndromes.

That may be hard to diagnose. But can help them significantly in school. When a child is diagnosed with amblyopia. Finding the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is going to help them significantly.

Not just be able to read. But play sports, and navigate the world around them. In order to find the right treatment. The vision therapist will have to go through a comprehensive vision exam.

Which can take an hour to an hour and a half. Due to the many different measurements and exercises they will need to go through. In order to make the right diagnosis. And put together the right treatment.


Once they have completed this. They will be able to the parents, what kind of lazy eye treatment in Edmonton they recommend. Whether it is corrective lenses. Vision therapy, or a mix of the two.

The reason why corrective lenses are often used. Is because it will help the weaker I become as strong as possible. While making the strong eye slightly less strong in the process.

This will even the playing field so to speak. And allow both eyes to see more evenly. So that it is easier. To teach the child, how to use both eyes at the same time.

During vision therapy, the vision therapist will go through special exercises with the patient. Often called physiotherapy, but for the lazy eye. Which teaches the patient how to use both of their eyes at the same time.

And then, special exercises. Designed to train the brain, how to use the visual information. And send the visual information to the correct parts of the brain. This process can be lengthy.

Taking approximately 6 to 12 months. Of weekly, half-hour sessions. If patients want to progress faster through the vision therapy program. They can agree to do fifteen minutes of additional exercises per day.

If parents are looking for vision therapist that will be able to help them accomplish this for their child. All they have to do is reach out to vision by design in Edmonton. And arrange a vision therapy examination.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | The Most Effective Treatments To Help Amblyopia

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome requires a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And ideally, while a child is younger. Treatment is a lot more effective, the younger the child is.

And if it goes undiagnosed and untreated. It can persist to adulthood, where treatment is much less successful. The level of severity for each patient can vary. With some patients lazy eye being very obvious.

Because parents, and optometrists can see. Just by looking at them, that their eyes are not aligned. A common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton used to be patching. Because the thought once was.

That lazy eyes were caused by weaker I muscles. Therefore, by covering up the strong eye. It would force the lazy eye to work, and build up the muscles to become stronger.

Unfortunately, those who completed this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Often found that it did not help them see clearly. Simply because it did not address the cause of the problem. Which is not weaker I muscles.

But a problem in the eye to brain connection. How the eyes work, is they send the visual information the receive. Through the retina, to the brainstem. The brainstem is then responsible for sending this information.

To the appropriate parts of the brain that are responsible for processing it. There is an extremely large amount of visual information to process. In fact, there are thirty-two centres of the brain that deal with vision.


And over three hundred connections throughout the brain that use vision in some way. And when there is a problem in the eye to brain connection. The brain is unable to effectively process this information.

Therefore, in order to eliminate its confusion. The brain turns off the vision in one eye. So that it only has to process half of the visual information. This is what causes one I to appear to be weaker.

Therefore, the best a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is not simply strengthening the weaker I. But also, training both eyes to work together. And then training the brain through special exercises.

How to use that visual information. This process can take anywhere 6 to 12 months. And it requires the patient coming into the vision therapist’s office every week for half an hour. And doing fifteen minutes of exercises at home.

However, it is very effective at coming the symptoms of amblyopia. And helping children regain vision in both eyes. And all of the visual skills that come with that. Including depth perception, and I tracking.

If the child is already struggling in school, were struggling in sports. It may be the right time to arrange a comprehensive vision exam. From vision by design in Edmonton with a trained vision therapist.

The sooner parents can get in for an examination. The sooner they can find out if this is a vision syndrome that is affecting their child. And getting them the treatment that is going to help them succeed.