Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Correcting Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Correcting Vision Syndromes

Children who struggle with visual skills may need lazy eye treatment Edmonton. This is often discovered. When a child reaches school age. Because 80% of classroom learning. Is visually based.

Whether it is preschool, kindergarten. Or if a child is getting diagnosed. In elementary school. There are many reasons. To want to have the child diagnosed. And get a subsequent lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

As quickly as possible. First of all, having this diagnosed early. Means that they can start the lazy eye treatment Edmonton’s sooner. And have a much better chance. At eliminating the syndrome.

Much sooner, and with less vision therapy. The older a child is. And the longer they wait. To get the right treatment for each patient. The more they will have to work. On training their brain. And the more time it will take.

But also, a much more significant reason. Why parents should get their child in. To a vision therapist for an assessment. As soon as anyone suspects. That they have a problem. Is because once the child.

Is struggling in a classroom environment. They are going to start to resent school. Because they will fall behind. They will feel left out. And learning will not be fun. And they may lose their love of learning.

This is often why elementary school teachers. Are actually trained in what to look for. When it comes to symptoms. That can indicate a person has. A vision syndrome, such as amblyopia.


Common behaviours that can point them. To the direction that the child may have. A vision syndrome. Include not paying attention. Whether they should be following along in their textbook.

Or, looking at the board. At the front of the classroom. Children with amblyopia. And who need vision syndrome treatment. May not follow along. It may appear as though they are staring off into space.

Or have their eyes closed. This is because focusing on close up. Or far away. And in some cases both. Cause them I irritation. Eyestrain, and sometimes headaches. This means that they may not be.

Daydreaming at all, they are simply trying to cope. In an environment that gives them headaches and eyestrain. They may fidget a lot at their desk. And they also may get out of their desk frequently.

In order to combat the boredom. Of not being able to follow along. With the lesson. When teachers notice this behaviour. They often will talk to the parents. And suggest that they get their child. Assessed for vision syndrome.

If parents think they do not need to do this. Because their child already has had an eye exam. They should understand. That eye exams. And vision assessments are entirely different.

Eye exams test clarity. Of vision, with a static object. But vision syndromes often are only apparent. When using visual skills. Such as tracking moving information. Or reading for example.
When parents are ready to get their child assessed. They should contact vision by design optometry. Located in Edmonton, so that it is easily accessible. For people in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Remedying Vision Syndromes

One of the most important things for lazy eye treatment Edmonton patients. Is understanding that consistency is key. While vision syndromes. Are extremely common in children throughout Canada.

In fact, 25% of all children. Will have some form of a vision syndrome. And most of them, will have amblyopia. Amblyopia is the medical name for lazy eye syndrome. However, it is not caused.

By a so-called lazy eye. It actually is caused by a disconnect. In the eye to brain connection. A problem that likely happened. During the brains initial development. Before the child was even born.

It causes a problem. When the brain tries to process. The visual information. Therefore the brain will turn off. Vision to one eye. In order to be more successful. In processing half the visual information.

While this trick works. And helps the brain. The right lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Can actually help the brain. Fix this connection. So that patients can learn. How to use vision from both eyes.

Vision therapy is a lot like physical therapy. However, instead of working the body muscles. The therapist is focused. On working the eye muscles. And training the brain.

The first thing that they will do, is often use corrective lenses. Because the weaker I is not able. To see as clearly as the stronger I. The prescription lenses will work. To strengthen that weaker I.


And once both eyes are seeing the world. Approximately the same as each other. Then the therapist. Can train the patient. How to use their eyes at the same time, like a team.

The next part of this lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Once the patient has learned. How to use their eyes together. Is training the brain. How to accept this visual information simultaneously.

This treatment is available. At varying degrees of difficulty. So that the therapist. Can treat patients with a very mild case. Of amblyopia. But also, a much more intense case as well.

For the most part, patients will need. Half an hour of treatment every week. And will have to come. To their visual therapists office.

Once a week, anywhere between. Six months and a year in order to resolve symptoms. While most patients are able to resolve symptoms. It is sometimes necessary. To perform the surgery on some patients.

As the final step. In the lazy eye treatment Edmonton. This is extremely rare. But therapists say that patients. Who have previously gone through. Vision therapy, do better after the surgery.

As they will already have strengthened their eye muscles. And have already done a lot of work. Training their brain. To use the visual information. If parents would like their child assessed.

All they have to do is call vision by design optometry. In Edmonton, and arrange a consultation. With one of their wonderful vision therapists.