Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Common Visual Problems

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Some Common Visual Problems

When children have visual problems, parents should look for a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And when they are looking, they should contact vision by design. Because they have optometrists as well as vision therapists on staff. That can diagnose and treat a wide variety of problems.

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When children have lazy eye, their eyes are not focusing well together. And this could be considered convergence insufficiency. Which means that both of their eyes hard time turning well enough.

To focus on things close up. In fact, when people are looking at things far away, their eye muscles are very relaxed. And the closer something is, the harder their muscles have to work to focus.

If they have a lazy eye, they will have a hard time focusing on new work. Which is one of the reasons why parents should look for a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Or, children could have accommodative issue. Which is what it is called, when they get physically fatigues. When their eye muscles are focusing close up for any length of time.

And this also could have parents can confer the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. However, one of the biggest problems with visual issues.

Is that when children are having problems with their vision. They lack the articulation. To be able to tell what is going on. Or simply think that what they are experiencing is normal, because that is the way it always been for them.

And therefore, they will avoid doing things that are bothersome to them. Such as avoid doing close work. Because they have an accommodative issue, and their eyes get physically tired and hurt.


Therefore, they may not do the homework that they have been asked to. And parents might see that as being defiant, or being lazy. When truth is they just need the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Some symptoms that show parents that it is not because they are lazy or defiant. But they could potentially have a visual problem. Is if their children hate reading, but love being read to.

Or, they will do their homework, but they will do it exceptionally slowly. This is because they are only doing their homework. When they are able to focus on it, and not be in pain.

Another coping mechanism that children might use. Is they will read very very slowly. Or use their finger to help them follow along every word that they need to focus on.

And if children are doing any of these coping mechanisms. They should get in to vision by design for an eye exam. And they should tell the optometrist that is doing the exam what they notice in their child’s behaviour.

Since vision by design has vision therapists on staff. They will be able to make a quick referral if they think that the child needs to see a visual therapist. To help them finally get treated for their visual issues.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Common Visual Issues

Many people do not realize exactly how common visual problems are, requiring things like a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In fact, when out of every four children have visual system problems.

That are not related to having perfect vision or not. In fact, many parents are completely unaware that their child is having a problem with their visual system. Because they have been told their child has twenty twenty vision.

As well, parents say that since their child does not complain of symptoms. They have no idea that their child has a visual system problem. Which is why vision therapists want parents to be aware.

Of the behaviours that can point to a visual system problem. Because children who have a visual system problem. Have had that problem their entire life. And may not realize that it is a problem.

Therefore, when parents can pair behaviours that their child has. Two common behaviours of children with visual system problems. They may be able to find them the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

To help them overcome their visual system problems. In fact, quite often, children who have visual system problems. Actually have been diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD.

And this is because it is assumed that they have an attention problem. Because they are not paying attention in class, or not doing their work or their classwork when they are asked.


However, rather than being inattentive. They are simply frustrated because they are not able to focus, or they have blurred vision. Or double vision, and even they have pain when they focus.

Therefore, instead of specifically complaining that they have pain or blurred vision when they focus. Because they assume that is normal. They simply avoid the task at hand.

And when that is the case, they are labelled as having a problem paying attention. That is not the case at all. Therefore, if parents are getting letters home from the school, saying that their child is not paying attention.

It is not going to hurt at all, to get their child into vision by design. For regular eye exam. And mention the behaviours that their child is displaying in school. Because they will then look for problems with the visual system.

They best thing about taking their child to vision by design in Edmonton. Is that they are going to be able to get a vision therapist and their opinion on the child. Since vision by design has both optometrists and vision therapists.

And therefore, if the child is diagnosed with visual system problems. There going to be able to get the right treatment, such as getting a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They can help them see clearly.

When children have their visual system fixed. They will be able to see clearly, read effectively and understand what they are reading. And will do better in school, and avoid homework less.

If parents have any concerns now, they should contact vision by design now. And make an appointment for an eye exam. And talk to the doctor about their concerns.