Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Clear Vision Is Possible

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Clear Vision Is Possible

Those who need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton may not understand. That the problem they have is in their brain. And not in their eyes. In fact, most vision syndromes. Not occur in their eyes at all.

In the case of amblyopia. During the child’s initial development. While they were still in their mother’s womb. There was a disconnect. In forming the eye to brain connection.

The problems that happened. Because of this, include the brain. Not being able. To process the visual information effectively. People may not understand how this works. But in order for people to see.

They need an eye to brain connection. Visual information. Enters the front of a person’s eye. Called the cornea, in the form of light. This light lands on the back of their eye. And the retinas are designed.

To carry this light information. To the brainstem. Which is responsible for sending this information. To the various parts of the brain. That require it. This is an incredibly complex task for many reasons.

First of all, it is complex. Because every second. That a person has their eyes open. The brain is receiving an incredibly large amount. Of the information from two sources at a time.

The retinas, are sending similar but different. Information to the brain. The brainstem, must then take the information, and understand. What centres of the brain. And what connections need it to do the job.

There are thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal specifically with vision. And three hundred connections. That use vision in some small or large way. Not only is this a vast amount of information.


That must be processed instantaneously. The sheer number of connections, means that this is a monumental task. That is constantly happening in the brain. However, for people with amblyopia.

And who need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The brain is unable. To process this vast amount of information. Quickly, therefore in order to cope. The brain simply turns off vision. One of the eyes.

Receiving only half the visual information. The brain is then able. To send the visual information. To the various parts of the brain. That need to process it. The problem with this, is that the eye is not completely blind.

But the information. Is blurred most often. This gives problems. To the patient who has amblyopia. They often have eyestrain. Headaches, and other issues. Stemming from the fact. That one of their eyes does not see well.

The lazy eye treatment Edmonton to fix this. Is utilizing a vision therapist. Who can help the patient. Use various specific exercises. To train the brain. How to use the information it receives.

From both eyes at the same time. If patients do not get this treatment. Quickly enough, the brain eventually. Completely turns off the vision. To that I permanently, rendering them blind in that I effectively.

Treatment can be fast. And resolve symptoms. In under a year. It just means that parents. Must first bring their child. To a vision therapist for an assessment.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | A Cleaner Vision

People with a vision syndrome should quickly get a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. So that they can stop struggling. Stop being in pain. And excel in their schoolwork.

Most often, despite the fact that a quarter. Of all Canadian children. Have a vision syndrome. Or will have at one point in their childhood. It is most often the teachers. And not the parents. Who notice this syndrome.

There are many reasons for this according to the experts. First, children are incredibly effective. At developing coping mechanisms. To help them overcome a myriad of problems. They do not even realize they are doing it.

And, they do not even realize. That they have a problem or syndrome in the first place. Many parents are mistaken when they assume. That their child will inform them. That they have a hard time seeing things.

But the reason why they will not alert their parents. To the fact that they have a vision syndrome. Is quite simply, they do not know. That way they are seeing things. Is not normal.

The way they see the world. Is how they have always seen the world. And assume that is how others see the world as well. They will develop coping mechanisms to help them avoid. Having to use their eyesight. Such as using memorize a nation.

And the world at home, is not as visually dependent. As a classroom environment. 80% of what happens in a classroom. Depends on eyesight. Therefore, teachers are uniquely situated.

In order to witness problems that children. Who have a vision syndrome are experiencing. They may avoid following along. In their textbook, when someone is reading. Preferring to stare off into space.


Or close their eyes. To focus on what someone is saying. They may lack attention to detail. When they are writing or drawing. Because focusing on near work. Gives them headaches or irritation.

And while it is true, that these symptoms. Are not specifically indicated of. That a child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. They might also. Be suffering from a neurodevelopment disorder such as ADHD.

However, there is no definitive test. That can diagnose ADHD. However, there is a definitive test. That can diagnose amblyopia. Therefore, even if teachers. Are unsure of what syndrome. Their student has.

A good place to start. Is at a vision therapist’s office. Where they will be able. To get a definitive answer one way or another. In fact, many doctors who are diagnosing ADHD.

Get them to receive a vision assessment. By qualified vision therapist. Because if they do have a vision syndrome. He can get help quite quickly. And if they do not, that can be another way. That they rule out other syndromes.

In order to reach their eventual diagnosis of ADHD. Parents should not be concerned. That their child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Based on what they did or did not do. It simply get their child to an assessment quickly.