Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children With Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children With Amblyopia

Many children struggle, without knowing they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. According to vision therapists and experts. This is because they are unaware. Of how they are supposed to see the world.

While one in four children. Which is 25%, according to vision therapists. Have one kind of vision syndrome. Any people believe mistakenly. That vision syndromes are caused. By week eyes.

However, what causes vision syndromes. Are a disconnect. Between the eye to brain connection says researchers. While the eyes see the information. It is actually the brain. That is responsible for processing it.

And when that connection is scrambled. Or not to formed correctly. The brain has a hard time. Understanding what someone is looking at. In fact, the visual system is extremely complex.

In order to understand why a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Does not involve strengthening. The weaker I. In order to resolve the problem. People should look at. How the eyes and brain work together.

Visual information. Is carried into the eye. In the form of light. It passes through the front of the eye, called the cornea. And lands on the back of the eye. Attached to the back of the eye is what is called a retina.

And the retina carries this visual information. To the brainstem, for processing. Each individual eye. Has its own retina. And the brainstem, is receiving a large amount of information. From both eyes, at the same time.

In people who have amblyopia. Which is the medical name for lazy eye syndrome. There is a disconnect in the eye to brain connection. Therefore, the brain is unable. To use the information it receives.


From both retinas, therefore in order to make the brain’s job. Easier, it simply turns off the vision. To one eye, causing it to become. What is colloquially known as lazy. It is not actually a lazy eye.

But the muscles actually atrophy. Due to lack of usage. The reason why the brain turns this information off. Is because it needs as much resources. To help it process the information. From one of the eyes.

There are thirty-two centres of the brain says researchers. That specifically deal with vision. As well as three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision incidentally.

In order to understand how complex this is. People should consider. How many activities they engage in. That they use eyesight, for at least part of it. From moving, speaking and engaging. In most activities, people use their eyesight.

Which means if a child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. They typically will have a hard time. With almost all of these activities. If parents think that they can delay in getting their child this treatment.

They should understand, that researchers say. The brain will eventually turn off vision. To the lazy eye, over time. Since it is never getting used. Once this happens, the problem is irreversible.

If parents would like more information. They can contact vision by design in Edmonton. By calling the office, they can arrange a vision test. To help them get a diagnosis.

Lazy eye treatment Edmonton | Kids With Amblyopia

Amblyopia requires a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Because it is the medical name. For lazy eye syndrome. However, the name is a misnomer. Because the eye is not in fact lazy at all.

While the muscles are weak. They are weak from lack of usage. Because the brain has turned off. The vision to that I. In order to help process. The vast amount of visual information. It is dealing with on a regular basis.

Therefore, people should keep in mind. That those with amblyopia. And who need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Do not necessarily need to strengthen the eye. As much as repair the eye to brain connection.

How they can do this, is through vision therapy. Optometrists who have obtained special additional education. Can become vision therapists. They are able to assess, diagnose. And treat people with vision syndromes.

The assessment is incredibly in-depth. Because they need to take several measurements. And have the patient. Do several different activities. In order to see their response. In a wide variety of situations.

At the end of the assessment. The vision therapist will not only have. A diagnosis, but they will know. If the patient needs for example, a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Or if they just need something like corrective lenses.

For some people, corrective lenses alone. Our enough to fix their amblyopia. And in others, they need prescription glasses. And vision therapy. Which is a lot like physical therapy. But for the eyes, not the body.

They will undergo several different exercises. Just like physical therapy. And the repetition of these exercises. Trains the brain. And fixes the broken eye to brain connection. This is actually possible.


Due to what researchers call the neuro- plasticity of the brain. Or, the ability for the brain. To learn, heal and grow. Throughout a person’s entire lifetime. The brain was once considered rigid and unable to change.

However, that is now understood to not be true. The brain can actually learn, and heal longer period than any researchers once believed to be possible. However, parents should heed a word of caution.

That eventually, the brain will turn off vision. To the so-called lazy eye forever. Once the child reaches a certain age. Therefore, children with amblyopia. Should find a vision therapist extremely quickly.

There is a website, of all of the optometrists in Canada. That have received their vision therapy designation. However, parents in Edmonton. Can simply go to vision by design optometry.

Located in West Edmonton, and they will be more than happy. To take appointments by the phone. For parents to bring their child in. For an assessment and consultation. From one of their competent vision therapists.

If parents are worried, an assessment. Can either put their minds at ease. Or, it can help them get the diagnosis. And subsequent lazy eye treatment Edmonton. That they need to overcome their child’s problems.