Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Vision System Problems Be Fixed?

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Vision System Problems Be Fixed?

Many parents may not realize that their child may require a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another visual system treatment. Because their child is first of all, not exhibiting any signs of having visual problems. And also not complaining of the visual problems.

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But also, because their child has recently had an eye exam. Where they were told that the child has perfect vision. So that means, they could not possibly have a problem with their visual system.

Unfortunately, this is the wrong assumption. And it is in fact very easy. For children to have a problem with their visual system. As well as having perfect vision.

In fact, 25% of children actually have a visual system problem or disorder. Despite the fact that they also have perfect vision. And this is because in order to process visual information. As a wide variety of visual skills are needed.

The first thing that people should take into consideration. For example, when their child has a lazy eye. And needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is there child likely is not going to complain about having blurred vision in one eye.

Because having blurred vision in one eye, is all that child knows. And it is only after they get an effective lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Do they realize that there is a problem with what they used to see.

And since 80% of the classroom learning depends on one aspect of visual systems or another. When children have problems with the visual system. No matter which one it is.

They are going to struggle in the classroom. And when that is the situation, parents are going to need to understand. The behaviours of their children. When they are struggling to see their visual environment.


And the biggest red flag that optometrists and visual therapists. Want parents and teachers to be aware of. Is simply avoidance. Avoiding reading, avoiding all near work.

Avoiding paying attention when reading, or tasks involving close work are happening. Because often, children are misdiagnosed with having oppositional defiance disorder, ADD or ADHD.

However this is the wrong diagnosis. Because while the behaviours are the same. The reasons behind the behaviours are not the same. And so it takes a parent paying close attention. In order to understand the difference between the two.

With children who have ADD or ADHD. Will not focus or pay attention. Even when there are auditory clues and instructions. Therefore, if the children only will not pay attention to visual cues.

Parents can safely make the assumption. That they should get their child’s visual system checked out. Because it may be as easy as finding the right treatment. To make the difference between a child struggling, or excelling in school.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Can a Vision System Problem Be Fixed?

One of the most important things that parents should consider, is a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another visual system program. Can make all the difference between their child struggling in school. And their child excelling.

That is because lazy eye, as well as eye tracking issues, convergence insufficiencies. As well as accommodative issues could potentially cause significant problems for children.

And while the treatment can be as easy. With as simple and easy as this treatment is. Can make all of the difference to a child. And mean struggling for many years. Or being able to use their eyes easily.

In order to see close up. And while a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is the best treatment plan for a child whose eyes will not work as a team.

Children could have a convergence insufficiency. Which is the single most common visual problem in children. Even those that have perfect eyesight. And in fact, 25% of all children suffer from this.

A convergence insufficiency refers to children who are not able to turn their eyes inwards towards each other. In order to view things that are up close. Therefore, when they do try to look at things such as a page for reading.

They will either have blurred vision. Or they will be able to see for a very short period of time. Followed by division suddenly becoming double or blurred. Which can be extraordinarily irritating to the eye.


Children with accommodative issues. Simply have fatigued eye muscles. When they try to view text up close. And therefore, reading for any length of time can cause problems from eyestrain and fatigue.

To physically painful eye muscles. Very similar to house or a runners muscles are after a marathon. Therefore, when children have accommodative issue. Avoiding reading and near work.

Is all about ensuring that they are not in pain when they try to do those activities. Another issue that children could suffer from is an eye tracking issue. Which means they have a hard time following moving objects.

And while people might assume that this creates more of a problem when they are navigating through the world. As well as playing sports. While this is true.

Children and people need to use eye tracking in order to read effectively. In order to read a sentence, children will need to successfully move from one word to the next. And so on to read an entire sentence.

Children with eye tracking issues have a hard time moving successfully from one word. To the next word that they are supposed to read. Often jumping around on the page 2 different words then the one they should be reading.

This obviously results in reduced comprehension. And children with an eye tracking issue. Tend to read exceptionally slowly.

Therefore, whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Need help with an accommodative issue. Or need help in training their eyes properly.

When children get the right diagnosis. By visiting vision by design in Edmonton. Not only will they be able to get the right diagnosis. They will be able to get the right treatment as well. Whether that is a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton or something else. Diagnosis is the first and most important step.