Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Amblyopia And Its Treatment

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Amblyopia And Its Treatment

Many parents may be worried thinking that their child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they thought back to their own childhood. Where they, a sibling or friend. Had to endure patching as a lazy eye treatment.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

However, patching is no longer done. By vision therapists, looking to treat lazy eye. Also known that it clean as amblyopia. Because it does not actually treat the cause of this vision syndrome.

What patching does, is strengthens the weaker eye. This was done under the assumption. That the reason the child has trouble seeing. Is because they have an eye that is weak. Causing them to not be able to see out of it.

Therefore, practitioners would put a patch. Over the strong eye of the child. Much to their own dismay. Causing them to be forced. To use their weaker I. Ultimately, strengthening it.

And while that treatment was effective in strengthening their weaker eye. When the patch was then removed. Patients were still no better able to use both of their eyes at the same time.

Because this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Did not actually affect the cause of this vision syndrome. And children would still suffer, and eventually. Lose the ability to see out of that eye permanently.

What causes amblyopia. Is a disconnect in the eye to brain connection. In order to understand that, people should learn. How they eyes work, to carry visual information. To the brain for processing.


When people look at visual information. Light carries the image through the lens of their eye. Similar to the lens of a camera. And this information lands at the back of their eye, called the retina.

The retina is like the film of the camera. And in order for that visual information to be used. Just like in order to use the pictures that someone has taken the camera. That film needs to be developed.

The retinas will carry the visual information. To the brain. For processing. There is a vast amount of visual information. That people are taking in, every second of the day that their eyes are open.

Not only are they looking for words to read. They are also looking at visual information that helps them communicate. Walking, riding a bike and playing sports. As well as learning in a classroom setting.

Uses a lot of visual information. In fact, people should keep in mind. That there are thirty-two centres of the brain. That specifically use visual information. And three hundred connections in the brain.

That utilize some aspect of vision. Therefore, this is a massive job. That the brain must be doing. Every second of every day. When someone has amblyopia. They need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Simply because they need to overcome this problem in the eye brain connection. Vision therapist will work with patients. In order to train their eyes how to work together.

And train the brain, how to use the visual information it receives. From both eyes, at the same time. When parents are ready to help their child. All they need to do is call vision by design in Edmonton.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Amblyopia And Effective Treatment

There are many ways that patients struggle when they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Lazy I is known medically as amblyopia. And despite the name. That suggests the problem is with the eye itself.

The problem in patients who have this vision syndrome. Is in the eye to brain connection. The brain is unable to process the visual information properly. Therefore, it turns off the vision to one eye.

So that it is not confused by the influx of information. That it is responsible for processing. Some parents see that their child is struggling in school. Or that they are not paying attention in class. And refuse to do their homework.

And assume that their child is lazy. Or that perhaps, they have ADHD, and are unable to concentrate. When this is not a problem at all. They may have even justified this assumption.

By saying that they took their child to an optometrist. And determined, that they have twenty twenty vision.

However, having twenty twenty vision. Does not mean that a child cannot have a vision syndrome. Because being able to see a stationary object clearly. Is very different than using visual skills.

Such as tracking movement, which is a necessary skill. For reading sentences, and paragraphs. As well as playing sports, and tracking moving players and balls for example.


As well, people who have amblyopia, typically struggle as well. With their depth perception. Since the vision to one I is cut off by the brain. And while they might have perfect vision. That does not mean they are not struggling.

If a child is refusing to do homework. And not paying attention in class. Before they are diagnosed as having ADHD. A recommendation. Would be to get that child proactively. Into a vision therapist’s office. To get a comprehensive vision exam.

This is a lot more in-depth than a standard eye exam. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Where the vision therapist will be able to do many measurements. And do many tests.

In order to find out if the child has a vision syndrome. If so, which one. And how severe it is. By the time they are done. They will have a diagnosis. And have the correct treatment.

Which means if a child has been diagnosed with having amblyopia. They can undergo a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That will help them overcome the difficulties with this vision syndrome.

The vision therapist will happen once a week, and half-hour sessions. At the vision therapist’s office. And patients who are interested. In progressing even faster in their treatment.

Can do homework, consisting of exercises that they can do on their own at home. For fifteen minutes a day, five days a week. And resolve symptoms faster with their lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.