Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Accommodative Issues

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Accommodative Issues

when children are having problems in school, they potentially need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, the first step is diagnosis.

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25% of all children have visual system problems. Which impacts their ability to learn. Since 80% of learning in a classroom is visually oriented.

And parents might be under the misconception. That when their children have perfect vision. That they do not need to worry about them having a visual problem. But this is not the case.

Optometrists as well as vision therapists agree. That children can have perfect vision as well as have a problem with their visual system. And it can be as simple as something like a lazy eye.

To something more significant such as a convergence insufficiency. Requiring a very simple lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to help that child overcome their problems and excel in school.

Or, it may require a more involved treatment. That will take coming back to the office several times. To train the child’s eyes how to work. And overcome their problem. So that they can excel in school finally.

However, one of the biggest problems with visual problems, particularly accommodative issues. Is that it looks like children are either defiant, or are suffering from ADD and ADHD. Because they seem to have an inability to concentrate.

They avoid doing homework, and studying. As well as they lack paying attention to visual tasks. However the biggest difference between a child that has ADD or ADHD.

And a child that has visual system problem, such as accommodative issues. Lazy eye, a convergence insufficiency or an eye tracking issue. Is the fact when they are faced with the task.


That is not visual in nature. Such as following oral instructions. They will follow those directions, and be quite happy to concentrate very hard. And the only thing that they avoid doing is visual based tasks.

Whether they need an appropriate lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if they need a different therapy. The first step is when parents and teachers noticing their child behaving this way.

The recommendation to take them to vision by design and Edmonton. For an examination, where they will evaluate the child’s visual skills. In order to understand if they have a visual problem that can be treated.

Instead of assuming that the diagnosis of ADD or ADHD is correct. Parents can take their child’s face into their own hands. And take them to an optometrist that has a vision therapist on staff.

And vision by design in Edmonton is one such optometrist clinic. The optometrists have vision therapists that they work with. So they suspected child has a visual problem. The vision therapist can be called immediately.

So that they can come up with the right diagnosis, and ultimately treatment. So that children no longer have to struggle in school, coping by avoiding doing schoolwork.

They will be able to use all of their visual skills. To learn classroom environments. Where they will most likely excel.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Are Accommodative Issues?

Parents need to be very aware, that their child may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or a treatment to overcome their child’s accommodative issue, convergence insufficiencies. Or their child may have an eye tracking issue.

These are extraordinarily common vision problems in children. Even when children have perfect vision. And the most common vision problem that children have. Is called a convergence insufficiency.

This is also known as binoculars vision. And it refers to children being able to view straight ahead very easily. But the moment they need to turn their eyes inward, in order to read things close to their face.

They cannot turn their eyes. And if they do, cannot hold the focus for long. Therefore, they often see blurry taxed when trying to read. Or if they can get it into focus. It goes out of focus just as quickly.

Which can be extremely irritating to their eyes. They will often see blurred vision or double vision. And develop eyestrain. From trying to hold the focus. And the right treatment from a vision therapist.

Will help them control their eye muscles. So that they will be able to read with the right treatment. However, while convergence insufficiency is the most common eye problem in children.

The most frustrating one is the accommodative issue. Because this one physically causes pain to the child’s. In the same way that a marathon runners muscles feel fatigued.


They literally avoid doing near work in order to avoid feeling pain. So while they look defiant, or they look like they have an inability to concentrate.

This is not the case at all. And one clue. That can help parents understand that it is an eye issue. And not ADD or ADHD. And whether they need to get their child to a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another treatment.

Understanding that this is not ADD or ADHD. Can help them avoid looking for a treatment. That is not going to help them. In fact, many children who are diagnosed with having ADD or ADHD.

Ultimately find out that the problem was not this disorder which is neurodevelopment in basis. But it is in fact something else. And something as simple and easy to treat as a lazy eye, a convergence insufficiency. Accommodative or eye tracking issues.

However, it can be very deceptive. And people should ensure that even if their doctor is certain that their child has ADD or ADHD. Go to an optometrist.

Like vision by design who also has a vision therapist on staff. So that they can look for vision problems. And when they do this, they might discover that the diagnosis of ADD or ADHD is in fact correct.

Or, they may discover that it is not. And at least they eliminated all other potential problems. Therefore, they might need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Or treatment to improve their convergence insufficiency or accommodative issues. But least, they know what the diagnosis actually is.