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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Why Do Concussions Cause Eye Problems?

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Why Do Concussions Cause Eye Problems?

There are several problems if a person has suffered from a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. Because many people who have had a concussion are not even aware of it.


The reason why people are not aware that they have had a concussion. Is because they often think that a concussion is caused by head injury. And if they have not had a head injury, they do not think the problems they have are related to a concussion.

However, this is not true. A concussion happens any time the brain hits the inside of a person’s skull. Causing damage to the brain, in any area of the brain or multiple areas of the brain.

Therefore, if a person has not had a head injury. Some of the symptoms that they have. They may not even associate with concussion at all. Which can lead to not getting the right diagnosis or treatment.

Even if people are aware that they have had a concussion. They also may not realize that the symptoms that they have. Our very common visual symptoms. Because they do not necessarily presents as an eye problem.

Or they are not obviously a concussion problem. Eye doctor Edmonton says here are some of the common symptoms pointing to damage to the visual system following a concussion.

If someone has headaches, dry eye, blurred or double vision, or even trouble reading. Can all be signs of a concussion that is damaged the visual system.

People might find that they have a difficult time focusing up close or far away. Or that once they focus, they cannot hold that focus for any length of time.


They might find it difficult to track motion, such as following the ball during their child’s soccer game. Or reading information on a computer screen, or in a book.

And while these are some very common symptoms of a visual system damaged by concussion. Eye doctor Edmonton says there are other symptoms that are less obvious.

People might have balance problems, or get dizzy and nauseous, triggered by motion. Either by being in a moving vehicle. Or just caused by fast objects moving swiftly around them.

Such as being in a busy hallway or mall. With a lot of action around a person. Can point to a visual system damaged by concussion.

This is why it is so important to have a routine annual eye exam with their family optometrist. Because during a routine eye exam. They will be able to see if there is anything abnormal.

And can often diagnose a concussion, or damage from a concussion to the visual system. During a routine eye exam, it will cause them to want to investigate further.

By visiting their optometrist regularly. Can help people ensure that visual system is working properly. And that if they have any damage to their brain affecting their visual system.

They will be able to get the treatment they need. To fix the problem, so that they do not have to deal with symptoms any longer than they have to.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Why Do Concussions Cause Eye Problems?

If person has suffered a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. They may find that their rehabilitation with their doctor or physiotherapist is not progressing as it should.

Since a concussion is caused by the brain hitting the inside of a person’s skull. No matter where that brain hits, is likely to have damaged some parts of a patient’s visual system.

In the reason why, is because there are over three hundred connections in the brain relating to vision. And they are located throughout the brain.

Therefore, any concussion is likely to cause some damage to the visual system somewhere. Which is very important to heal, in order to help a person eliminate the symptoms that they are experiencing.

Following a concussion, it is very common for a person to go visit their doctor. And get prescribed physiotherapy as a treatment to heal their body.

This might include things such as learning how to balance again, walk and even run. Depending on what part of their brain was damaged. Or if their brain was damaged in conjunction with their body getting injured.

However, the physiotherapist might find that a person is not healing as effectively as they should. Or that they are not progressing in treatments as it was anticipated they could progress.

This is often because in order to balance, walk and run properly. People rely on certain visual symptoms. To help them do all of those activities effectively. And if the visual system is damaged.


This is going to cause people to not be able to heal the rest of their body. Because it is relying so heavily on the visual symptoms that have been damaged.

This is why following a concussion. Whether a person has seen a doctor, or a physiotherapist. They should bring an eye doctor Edmonton into the discussion.

Because all of the practitioners are going to be able to work together. To come up with a whole body and holistic treatment. Helping improve the entire body.

Whether this means a person has to heal their visual system first. And then do physiotherapy. Or whether they should do physiotherapy first until they can no longer progress before moving onto visual therapy.

Or if it needs to work in conjunction with each other. In order to ensure that people are healing their visual system at the same rate as their body. To treat all of the symptoms that they are having so that they can get back to normal quickly.

Or perhaps, eye doctor Edmonton can help treat symptoms by prescribing glasses, or a coating on the glasses that can minimize symptoms. So that their physiotherapy is more effective. And allow them to treat their visual system at their own rate.

The brain is a very complex muscle. And in order to thoroughly heal it. People need to see the right doctors, get the right diagnosis. And treatments that are going to help them heal their brain. And eliminate symptoms that they are experiencing permanently.