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Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes a Concussion?

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes a Concussion?

Although many people may understand that jewel problems will occur following a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. But without truly understanding why, or what caused concussion in the first place.

In order to understand why people end up with visual problems after concussion. People need to understand what causes a concussion in the first place.

A concussion happens, when a person is travelling at a certain velocity. And then either suddenly stops, or changes direction. However, their brain which is suspended in fluid inside their skull.

Does not have the opportunity to slow down, and the momentum carries the brain forward, and into the side of a person’s skull on the inside. This can damage the brain, which is what a concussion is.

Many people think that in order to have a concussion, they need to have been hit in the head. But this is not the case. In fact, I doctor Edmonton says head trauma only accounts for a small percentage of all concussion cases.

Some people can suffer a concussion after a very traumatic event. Even though their head was not hit. Such as getting whiplash when riding in a car and getting into an accident.

Or a concussion can happen after something not very traumatic at all. Such as tripping on a crack in the sidewalk and falling but not hitting their head.

Could end up causing the brain to hit the inside of their skull resulting in a concussion. In fact, many people end up having a concussion and not even being aware of it.


Causes them to discount the symptoms that they are experiencing. Often writing them off as a problem that happens with getting older. Or part of the effect of their job on their body. When it is actually treatable.

Therefore, people need to be very aware of what common symptoms are. Especially including the symptoms related to the visual system. That are less obvious that they are concussion symptom.

While many people end up having blurred or double vision following a concussion. Either immediately after, or two weeks later says eye doctor Edmonton.

This is also a symptom of computer vision syndrome or eyestrain. So many people may not associate these with a concussion.

People can also experience headaches, which are also something that have many other causes. And dry I can be caused by a concussion. Because the part of the brain that tells the eyes how often they need to blink is damaged.

But many people might think dry eye is simply a side effect of using computers too much. Or living in a dry climate such as Alberta.

However, while those are some of the most obvious symptoms. And they are very hard to recognize in the first place. The less obvious problems related to a damaged visual system.

Never get diagnosed says eye doctor Edmonton because of how unusual they are. Such as balance problems, dizziness and nausea as well as right sensitivity.

This is why it is very important that people have an annual exam with their eye doctor. So that they can get check ups regularly, to avoid living for years with completely treatable problem.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes a Concussion?

It is very common for people who play professional sports to get concussions says eye doctor Edmonton. But it is actually common for people who are not professional athletes.

And people do not even need to have a head injury. In order to suffer a concussion. And even some very mild head traumas can cause brain damage. So it is very important to be aware of the symptoms.

And the symptoms can be extremely unusual, and seemingly unrelated to their visual system. Especially because many different parts of a person’s brain can get hit during a concussion.

Which results in very unexpected and unpredictable symptoms. But what is very important to note. Is that since the visual system affects so many different parts of a person’s body.

They are likely going to have visual system symptoms. Because chances are very great, that they have damaged some part of their visual system at some point.

Eye doctor Edmonton says this is because there are over three hundred connections in the brain relating to vision. As well as thirty-two centres of the brain that use vision.

And because of that, whether it is walking, talking, reading or writing. Or even things like eating and balancing standing still. Can cause a person to have visual symptoms.

Because it is very likely that they damaged some part of their vision system in a concussion. Which is why it is very important that if a person has a concussion, or suspect they have a concussion.


To see their optometrist in a timely enough fashion to get assessed and properly diagnosed. In fact, many people get diagnosed with problems relating to their concussion. That happened ten, or even to two years ago.

The reason why, is because unlike approvers, and abrasion. Or broken bone. They damage to the brain connections, caused by a concussion. Are not going to heal themselves time.

Which can cause people to live with the symptoms of a concussion for years until those symptoms are fixed with the right treatment.

The treatment that their eye doctor Edmonton can arrange is an Nero optometric rehabilitation therapy. Often lovingly referred to as physiotherapy for the eyes.

This can help a person retrain and therefore heal their brain. Fixing broken connections, to allow people to be able to do things that they used to be able to do. Before their concussion.

Whether that is the ability to see clearly, focus without trouble. Or not have sensitive always, or problems with dizziness. People can live symptom free for the rest of their life with the right therapy.

Depending on the severity of their concussion. Can cause a person to require visual therapy for several weeks, or several months. Or even longer, pending on their optometrists recommendations.

But the sooner someone makes an appointment with their optometrist. The sooner they are going to be able to get diagnosed, and a treatment put into action. To allow people to heal their brain, and live without symptoms.