Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Understanding Dry Eye Symptoms

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Understanding Dry Eye Symptoms

There are a lot of people suffering with dry eye syndrome who do not know that they are suffering from dry eyes says eye doctor Edmonton. Despite the fact that living in an extremely dry climate like Alberta. Means that many people suffer from this affliction.

The reason why many people are not aware of what they are suffering from. Is because their symptoms are not obviously dry eyes.

For example, many people go see eye doctor Edmonton in order to get a new prescription. Because there blurred or double vision makes them think that their eyes have changed and they need new corrective lenses.

However, when they do their regular eye exam. They find out that their part description is fine. And that there blurred or double vision is the cause of dry eye syndrome.

Many people can end up suffering for weeks or even months. Thinking that they just need a new prescription. When the problem is a lot easier to treat.

The reason why dry eyes because double or blurred vision. Is because of the importance of lubrication in seeing clearly.

Because the surface of the eye is extremely rough. The lubrication ensures that the eye has a very smooth surface for light to pass through easily.

Without a smooth surface, light would bounce off all of the rough areas of the eye. Which would make a person see blurred or double vision. This is why when people have not been able to produce enough tears.


Or that they have not been able to produce a good enough quality of tears, which causes their eyes to dry out. They will end up getting blurred or double vision.

One of the telltale signs that their problem is more likely dry eye syndrome. Then needing a new prescription. Is if their eyes are sometimes clear and other times not.

They might find that as they get tired, their vision becomes blurry. Or after being on a computer all day they will have a hard time seeing the road as they drive home.

These are indications that the person is experiencing dry eye syndrome instead of something else. Either way, they can make an appointment with eye doctor Edmonton in order to get an examination that will tell them what is going on.

Often, people who are suffering from dry eye syndrome will end up with excessively teary eyes. They often make an appointment to go see their optometrist. Because they want to find out the cause of their excessive tears.

They become very surprised, when there eye doctors prescribes lubricating eyedrops. Because they thought the problem was excessive lubrication not a lack of.

However the reason why excessive tearing is caused by dry eyes. Is because people are not producing a good enough quality of tears. And will develop dry eye symptoms.

Their body tries to fix the situation, by sending an influx of tears to the area. But because they do not have good quality of their tears. It ends up watering their eyes, without fixing the problem.

By understanding that people with excessive teary eyes, or blurred vision. Should make an appointment to go see their optometrist. Can help people minimize symptoms associated with dry eyes.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Understanding Dry Eye Symptoms

There are several different symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome according to eye doctor Edmonton. And while a lot of people understand that if they have itchy, burning or red eyes. That is typically an indication that they have dry eyes.

However, if they have excessively teary eyes, or blurred vision. That also points to dry eye syndrome. And in fact, 90% of adults in Alberta will experience this syndrome as in adults.

One of the first things that people need to keep in mind about this. Is that it is a chronic condition. Meaning they will end up having to utilize treatments on an ongoing basis to manage symptoms.

And while there is lots of treatments that can improve the symptoms. Any time someone completely discontinues all treatment. Eye doctor Edmonton says there dry eye symptoms will come back.

Therefore, learning what people can do on an ongoing basis to treat the symptoms associated with dry eyes is very important. One of the most important things that people can do. Is minimize their computer use.

This can be difficult for people to do at work. Especially if the majority of their work is done on a computer. Therefore, minimizing computer, tablet or phone use while not at work is even more important.

And when people are using computers for an extended period of time. Eye doctor Edmonton recommends taking frequent breaks. They suggest taking breaks in twenty minute intervals. And during those breaks, they should stare at something 20 feet away. And stare at it for twenty seconds.

What this does, is help us people from keeping their eye focused up close for long periods of time. That can cause their eye muscles to work hard.


Just like anyone who is working out any muscle in their body. That muscle needs fluid because they are working hard. And I that is also straining hard needs additional fluid.

This is why when people and up staring for a long period of time at their computer. Can develop dry eyes.

In addition to that, eye doctor Edmonton says people who are looking at a computer screen such as a monitor at work, a cell phone or a tablet. Tend to stop blinking as frequently as they should. Causing their eyes to dry out as well.

Other things that people can do that can minimize dry eye syndrome and symptoms. Include using a humidifier, especially when they live in an extremely dry climate like Alberta.

As well as drink lots of water. Because if people are dehydrated, it will be very difficult for their body to keep their eyes lubricated.

They can also ensure that they are eating foods rich in omega-3. And if they are unable to increase this in their diet, they can take supplements on a regular basis. As that will help the quality of their tears to be improved.

They can also do things like avoid smoking, removing eye makeup before bed every night. And avoiding getting eyelash extensions.

By being proactive in managing dry eye symptoms. Can help people avoid developing more problems associated with dry eye syndrome.