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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Trouble Focusing After a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Trouble Focusing After a Concussion

Many people may realize that it is absolutely normal to have trouble focusing after a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Especially when their concussion was caused by a blow to the head.

However, if they do not have trouble focusing immediately after the concussion. But that symptom shows up several days later, even as late as two weeks from their injury.

They may not realize that this is a symptom of the damaged visual system. That needs to get treated in order to heal properly from. Which is why all concussion patients. Should go see their eye doctor Edmonton following injury.

The proper diagnosis is the first important step. To properly healing from this type of brain damage. How this kind of brain damage occurs. Is that during a concussion, the brain will hit the inside of a person’s skull.

And whatever connections are in that part of a person’s brain. Are the connections that can get damaged or lost altogether. But since the visual system affects so many different parts of a person’s body.

From balance and walking, to hand eye coordination. And even communication. These connections exist all throughout many different parts of a person’s brain.

Which is what makes it very likely that a concussion will result in some sort of visual system damage. And why it is important for any concussion patient to see their eye doctor Edmonton.

And what is even more complex about the situation. Is that many other symptoms that point to vision system damage. Are less obvious than trouble focusing.

Which might have a patient to assume that the issues are not related to their concussion. When that is exactly what the problem is, and until they get fixed. Those symptoms will not go away.


Some of the more uncommon symptoms of the damaged visual system. Includes light sensitivity, balance problems, as well as dizziness and nausea. That is especially triggered by motion.

Headaches and eyestrain are common problems. As is dry eye, when the parts of the brain that control how often person blinks their eye is damaged. Which can result in a person thinking that they just need eyedrops.

When the problem is much more serious. And requires vision therapy to fix. However, patients should understand that vision therapy will fix the problem. And is a permanent solution to eliminate their symptoms.

Depending on the severity of their case, vision therapy might take several weeks, or even several months to strengthen the brain connections.

And not only will it help but it will also fix connections that have been lost altogether. It will completely eliminate the symptoms that people have been living with following their concussion.

Even if it has been any months or many years since there injury. This is why it is very important for everyone to see their eye doctor on a regular, annual basis.

Because not only will they be able to see problems that patients might not realize they have. But they can fix problems that have been persisting for many years. To allow people to be symptom-free for the rest of their life.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Trouble Focusing After a Concussion

Some of the most common problems about the symptoms following a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Is because they might not be obvious. That the problem is related to damage to their brain from the concussion.

Most people think to go to their doctor if they have had a head injury such as a concussion. And they might be having a lot of problems relating to the concussion. That they are seeing a physiotherapist to fix.

However, a common problem with that. Is that while they are undergoing physiotherapy. Their therapist or doctor does not think they are making enough progress as a patient should be.

The reason why this often happens. Is because an undiagnosed visual system damage. Because by the concussion. Is making it difficult or impossible. For people to progress any further with their physiotherapy.

Because the visual system needs to be healed. In order to allow a person to do the tasks their therapist asks. Such as standing, walking or running. Can be difficult if that part of their visual system is damaged.

However, eye doctor Edmonton will work in conjunction with any other doctors. Including physiotherapists. In order to come up with a whole body treatment. To heal from a concussion.

This might mean undergoing vision therapy first before doing physiotherapy. Or doing them at the same time. To ensure that they are healing both parts of the brain at the same rate.

Since many parts of physiotherapy will not be able to progress if the visual system is still damaged. Which makes it very important for an optometrist to be willing to work with a physiotherapist.


However, many people may not realize that they have had a concussion. Especially if they have not been hit in the head. Because many people believe trauma to the head is what causes I concussion.

However this is not true. As long as the brain has hit the inside of a person’s skull. Either from a fall that did not involve hit to the head. Or during a sporting event, such as getting a body checking in hockey.

Can cause that brain to jostle around in the skull. Causing a concussion. And when the symptoms are not obvious. It can be very difficult to diagnose.

People could end up having trouble focusing. As well as having blurred or double vision. And while these are obvious problems with the visual system. Other symptoms are not.

Therefore, if a person has headaches, dry eye or even light sensitivity, dizziness and nausea. After an injury, even though it did not involve head trauma. They should get a proper examination from eye doctor Edmonton.

They will have several different diagnostic tests at their disposal. To understand exactly what is going on with the patient’s eyes. Including understanding if the problem is with damaged connections in the brain.

Seeing their optometrist following any injury. Can be a great preventative step. To help people avoid having larger problems in their future.